Fear and Anxiety – Not a Trick or a Treat

With Halloween just around the corner it seems fitting to cover some remedies that deal with fear and anxiety.  When it comes to emotional well-being Homeopathy is a wonderful ally to have on your side.  It’s gentle, effective and does not produce the potentially dangerous side effects that prescription medications can.  Listed below are some of the top remedies for fear and anxiety.

Aconitum Napellus:  This remedy is one of the first choices for panic disorders.  It includes panic attacks, especially when they come on in the evening or for those who wake up with fright 1 – 2 hours after going to sleep.  One who needs this remedy may also have a tremendous fear of death.  It is also a main remedy for someone who has great anxiety after an accident, such as a car accident.  There may also be a great anxiety for others, restlessness, fear of being in a crowded place and claustrophobia.

Agaracus:  This remedy contains an extreme fear of cancer and great anxiety about health.  Insignificant health issues are exaggerated causing great fear and anxiety.

Agnus Castus:  Like agaracus, this remedy focuses on great anxiety about one’s health but, in addition, when a person who needs this remedy gets sick they will feel that death is imminent.  There is a great fear of death.

Argentum Nitricum:  This remedy includes many fears and will generally be needed for someone who is also very impulsive by nature.  Fears include, claustrophobia, heights, bridges, diseases, accidents, fainting, driving, elevators, theaters, airplanes and the fear of being late.  There is anxiety about health and anxiety increases when alone.  A person needing this remedy generally feels better with company.  There is also an anxiety while anticipating an upcoming event.

Arsenicum Album:  This is another prominent remedy for panic attacks.  Panic attacks that will point you to this remedy generally happen after midnight or between midnight and 2am.  There is tremendous anxiety that often occurs with great restlessness.  There is anxiety about health and a despair about recovery when ill.  Also present may be a great anxiety about other family members or close friends because these people provide the person who needs this remedy with their security base.  Someone who requires this remedy will generally be proper, tense, worried and desire to be in control at all times.  Other fears include disease, especially cancer, germs, robbers, poverty, evil, vomiting and insanity.

Borax:  This remedy is marked by an extreme fear of downward motion.  This is so extreme that if it’s an infant the infant may scream when it’s being put down in it’s crib because of the downward motion.  There may be fear of escalators, descending stairs, elevators and even of rocking in a rocking chair because of the motion.

Bryonia:  Someone who may require this remedy has fears that center around the future, poverty and financial ruin.

Cannabis Indica:  This remedy is indicated when there is great anxiety and general fearfulness, which may include panic attacks.  There is a fear of insanity, which is usually expressed by a fear of losing control.  There also can be a fear that one will antidote their homeopathic remedy.

Kali Bromatum:  This remedy is indicated when the anxiety presents as more of a paranoia.  It can also be indicated when fear centers around religiosity.  One needing this remedy may feel as if they are singled-out for divine wrath and there may be a despair of salvation due to guilt.  Other fears may include the fear of insanity, being alone, fear of being poisoned and fear of being injured.  Night terrors may also be present.

Magnesia Carbonica:  This remedy centers around a general anxiety that is present during the day but is better in the evening once one is in bed.  Someone needing this remedy is a peacemaker.  They want to be sure everyone is getting along and is happy.  There is a fear of violence and confrontations.  There may be a great sensitivity to noise.

Magnesia Muriatic:  This remedy is similar to the above, however the anxiety in this remedy is worse while in bed and better during the day.  As in Magnesia Carbonica, this remedy is also indicated for someone who is a peacemaker and who does not like disagreements and confrontations.  Anxiety is generally worse while reading, in the evening and during menses.

Mancinella:  The Halloween remedy.  Someone who may require this remedy is afraid of the dark, ghosts, insanity, evil and devils.  They may be tormented by their extreme fear of the dark.

Nitricum Acidum:  This remedy is indicated for someone who has great anxiety about their health with a fear of cancer and death.  As many remedies have this indication, one who should veer toward this remedy is someone who is also very pessimistic in life.  There may be depression and anger toward life.  There is generally great irritability and peevishness.

Opium:  Homeopathic opium is indicated when there are complains from fright more than the fright itself.  This remedy is indicated when fright leads to convulsions, tremors or insomnia.  Every time the person needing this remedy thinks of the thing that frightened them the symptoms are triggered.

Phosphorus:  This remedy contains many fears and is indicated for people who are generally open, excitable gullible and suggestible.  Fears include being alone, death, the dark, thunderstorms, that something bad will happen, disease, the future, ghosts, insanity, robbers, insects, earthquakes and more.  Anxiety is raised when alone and is better for the person when they are in the company of others.

Silica:  This remedy is indicated for those who have a lack of self-confidence.  Fears center around performance, such as stage fright.  Anxiety arises over small details and from noise.  The anxiety feels paralyzing.  There is also a fear of pins, needles and other sharp objects.

Stramonium:  This remedy has many fears that will usually be accompanied by rage and anger if this remedy is needed.  There is fear of violent death.  Fear of the dark is so intense that one must sleep with the light on.  There also may be a fear of water, including submerging head in water, even in the shower.  Other fears include animals, dogs, mirrors, reflecting objects, disease, ghosts, injury, suffocation and claustrophobia.  Fright will stay with someone who needs this remedy for a long time, especially if it was a violent fright, such as a car accident.  Night terrors may also be present and may include waking up shrieking or screaming out in sleep.  There may also be violent behavior.

I’ve also found a few Nature’s Sunshine blends that are very helpful in easing anxiety.

AnxiousLess:  One of the main ingredients in this blend is Magnesium, which has shown to reduce anxiety.  This blend works quickly and helps to reduce fatigue.

Nutri-Calm:  Is another blend specifically made for anxiety and stress and includes B vitamins and Folic Acid. Its a good mixture to sooth nerves and aid sleep.

The remedies above are some of my main suggestions for fear and anxiety, but in addition to homeopathy, herbs and vitamins, things such as Reiki, meditation and aromatherapy (Lavender and Citrus oils being my favorite choices) can have a positive effect and can help increase your chances of success.

**We do not diagnose or treat disease.  The information provided herein is for educational purposes only.  If you require a diagnoses or if your situation is emergent and life-threatening please consult a licensed medical doctor.

What is Reiki?

This is a very common question.  Many people believe that Reiki is the same as the alternative therapy of Healing Touch.  While it appears similar, it is quite different in many ways, from the technique itself to the way someone is initiated and certified as a practitioner.

So what is it?

Reiki, although not always called this, is an ancient healing method used by Tibetan Lamas for over 2000 years.  In the late 1800’s it was given the name Reiki by Master Mikao Usui, who studied ancient Buddhist texts, Christianity and other divinely inspired texts, noticing this common healing modality.  While he came about the use of Reiki through these studies, Reiki is not religious, nor is it a religion.  It is about our life force.  Reiki is a Japanese term that Master Usui used in an attempt to describe this healing energy system, the link from “all that is” to the physical form.

The word itself is made up of two Japanese words.  Rei, pronounced ‘ray’, is difficult to translate to English but essentially means ‘universal’.  Ki, pronounced “key”, translates as ‘life force energy’, similar to Chi as in Tai’Chi.   We are all created from this universal energy, whether you refer to that as consciousness, God, the divine or awareness etc.  Reiki is a healing touch method that is used to stimulate/raise the energy to bring balance and harmony to your body.  When your Ki (Chi) is low you are more susceptible to illness and dis-ease.  Reiki is used to bring you back into balance to bring about health. Through the Attunement process the Reiki Master is able to channel this universal energy directly to the receiver.

Those that receive a Reiki treatment usually report a strong sense of calmness and well-being.  Stress and anxiety fall away and the body is put back into balance emotionally, mentally and physically.

For more information and a more detailed history of Reiki a good resource is located at http://www.reiki.org.

The Reiki Principles

Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.

Just for today, I will not worry.

Just for today, I will not be angry.

Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

Reiki is for the Birds


Believe it or not, even as a Reiki Master, there are times I wonder how Reiki works, sometimes IF it works.  During those times of doubt, even if few and far between, all I need to do is remember the many times it’s healed the birds that either live in or have found their way to my yard.

At any given time we have anywhere from 5 – 30 chickens roaming happily about the garden and the woods.  They scratch and peck and chase bugs, ever content.  When you have chickens for long enough you learn their language.  It becomes easy to know when one is not feeling well.  They don’t say hello when you walk out to freshen the water or give them a snack.  They don’t follow the flock to look through the foliage for goodies.  They don’t eat or drink much.  We love our chickens and when one of them doesn’t feel well it’s no different than if a member of our family is feeling under the weather.

The first time we had a sick chicken was a couple of years ago.  Her name is ‘Big Bertha’.  When she wasn’t feeling well she’d spend the day standing in the corner of the coop.  She wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t talk and didn’t head up on her perch at night.  It was about 3 days of watching her and understanding her before I gently picked her up, held her on my lap and began giving her Reiki.  The two of us sat together in the sunshine for close to an hour.  I sent her Reiki and she slept in my arms.  When we were done I placed her back in the coop and waited.  It was no longer than that next morning when she started eating again.  By the afternoon she was roaming the yard with the other girls.  By the second day she was back up on her perch at night.  By the third day she was nesting on her eggs.

Just this summer we had Goldie go through a spell of not feeling well.  Reiki gave her the same result.  Within 24 hours she went from staying in the coop all day, not eating and not perching to eating, roaming with the girls and was back to saying hello when we approached.

Lastly, a couple of weeks ago, I was out in the garden and noticed a raven in the yard.  I don’t know if you’ve ever watched a raven but, in my experience, they don’t spend a whole lot of time lounging on the ground unless perhaps to eat something.  This raven was just standing there.  I slowly approached her.  She didn’t move.  She just stood there staring at me.  When I got a few feet away she slowly made her way into the woods and laid down next to a fallen tree.  I walked over and crouched down beside her.  She didn’t squawk or move.  When I reached out to touch her she didn’t flinch.  I sat there with her for 30 minutes or so and sent her Reiki.  When I was done I went and got a dish of water and a handful of chicken food and set both next to her.  When I came back about an hour later she was drinking and eating.  I left her alone.  When I returned in another hour she hopped up on the log she was resting by, gave me a squawk and flew away.  It was beautiful.

So whenever there is any doubt I think of my feathered friends and that doubt flies away like the raven.