Much of what I’ve been focused on lately has to do with reconnection and I hope to do a few posts on this subject.  In our busy lives it seems we’ve become more and more fragmented.  We move quickly from being a parent, to an employee,  to a cook, to a wife or husband, and on and on.  Very rarely do we take the time to do what is the most important thing for our physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Rarely do we take a moment to connect with our bodies, our emotions, our spirit or the world around us.  Our lack of connection and well-being is manifesting through diseases such as diabetes, cancer, auto-immune disorders, insomnia and a myriad of mental health disorders (to name a few).  Our children are being diagnosed with things such as ADD, ADHD, anxiety disorders and depression.  This disconnection with ourselves and the world around us is not natural.  It’s not how we are wired to live.  Many of us instinctively know this but sometimes it is difficult to put a finger on and even more difficult to change into a more integrated and connected lifestyle.

We encompass many modalities here at our center that help reconnect us with our bodies, minds and spirits such as Homeopathy, meditation, Reiki and various retreats but I’ve felt for a while now that something was missing. In our current busy lifestyles we’ve also become more disconnected from the world around us. Our food comes mostly from the grocery store and far away places, even other countries. Our water comes from a tap. Our eggs and meat from factories where the animals are treated horribly. Luckily, more and more of us have access to local farms and organic food but the majority is still the former. In addition, our communication is coming more and more in the form of e-mails, texts and websites such as FaceBook and while they serve a purpose they also take us farther away from personal face-to face contact with others. We lose the connection of coming together and eating a meal, storytelling around a fire and/or playing games. This isn’t occurring just with friends or distant family members either. It’s happening within our immediate families. The kids are off to school, the parents to work, there are sports to get to, piano lessons to attend or homework to get done. We’re lucky if we get to sit down to dinner for an hour together during the week. These concerns have hung with me through the winter as one thing that we’re missing here in our attempt to offer an array of different modalities that reconnect us. My challenge to myself was to create something that would encompass all of this into something doable. Then, perhaps due to the sunshine and warming Spring temperatures, the answer came. We’ve been busy ordering and preparing seeds to plant in our greenhouse and garden and I started thinking about how my kids won’t willingly eat a carrot when I pull one from a bag in the refrigerator but the minute the carrots are ready in the garden they are out there eating every last one. I started thinking of how I need to plant more snap peas this year because last year my youngest daughter ate them all during play-times outside and we had none left to store for the winter. There was my answer. This summer we’re working to put together a childrens dinner series. It’s time and the fact that my own kids love the idea lets me know it’s a good thing. The children that attend will create the dinner menu, finding recipes and using as much as they can from the garden, the forest and with the eggs from our chickens. They will pick the vegetables and fruits, forage for leeks or other goodies in the forest, collect the eggs and create the dinner. When the feast is ready their family members are invited to come and eat with us. If we can pull it together we may even include a Spring “planting party” where the kids can come and help plant the seeds and dig in the glorious dirt. It’s time we strive to reconnect our kids, who may have never even experienced this type of connection, to where food comes from (or should come from), give them a sense of contribution and to bring all of the family together to reconnect with face-to-face community. We’re excited about this new endeavor and know it’s a good thing. It’s time for us to reconnect with the world around us, one step at a time. We need to for our own health and for the health of our planet.

We can overcome disease and sickness, but we can’t do it without being whole.   To be whole we need balance.  We need to turn back toward our natural state, toward the way we were meant to live.  We need to reconnect with our bodies, our minds, our spirits and our land.  We need to take the time to meditate, nap, relax, play, be outside, pay attention to our bodies, pay attention to our minds, pay attention to spirit, pay attention to the world around us and to reconnect.  It’s the most important thing for our health and the health of our world.

When dates and times are set for these events they will be posted on the calendar page at If you would like to be notified when the dates are set you are welcomed to e-mail us at While these events will be listed through the center they are about our kids and our community and there will be no charge (except maybe a few smiles).