Just about anyone with children who uses Homeopathy for their family is familiar with this remedy.  It assists with everything from teething to colic. It is certainly a remedy to have on hand, whether you have children or not.

Below are a few of its most prominent indications for use:

  • This remedy almost always contains anger and/or great irritability, especially in children.  Child may strike out or kick at others.
  • Colic.  When baby just wants to be carried everywhere and cries angrily, this remedy is indicated, especially when the child is inconsolable, wants to be held, yet acts like he/she doesn’t want to be touched.
  • Incredible sensitivity to pain.  Reactions to pain may show great anger.  The pain is exaggerated much beyond what would be expected from the ailment.
  • Number one remedy for teething.  It may include diarrhea from teething and be indicated for children who have a difficult time breaking new teeth through the gum.
  • Complaints come on after a bout of anger.
  • Indicated for ear infections/pain when the pain is worse from touch and from the wind.
  • Some general indications for this remedy include one cheek being red and the other pale, symptoms are worse around 9am and at night, there is a general aggravation from the wind and feet are hot, needing to be uncovered at night.

Chamomilla is a remedy to keep on hand, whether you have children or not.

If you have any doubts or concerns about which remedy to choose, contact a Certified Homeopath.  Giving the wrong remedy will cause no harm, but nor with it help!

Head Lice

There are over 6 million lice infestations each year in the United States.  This year in Northern Michigan it’s nearly an epidemic.  The schools around the area have been battling it since the school year started and, unfortunately, that means many families are too.

Luckily there are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your family naturally and without harmful pesticides.

Prevention:  If you hear that lice has been detected in your child’s school or if you work in a close environment, such as a nursing home, there are natural ways to protect yourself against an infestation.

  • Tea Tree Oil:  Fill a small spray bottle with distilled water.  Add 10 – 30 drops (depending on the size of the bottle) of Tea Tree oil to the bottle.  Every morning before you send your child to school or head to work spray hair with the water/oil mix.  Also spray behind the ears and along the neckline as lice are attracted to those areas of the head because of the warmth.  Shake the bottle well before each use.  (I use a 4 oz amber glass sprayer filled with the distilled water and 10 drops of oil)
  • Other Oils:  Keep other oils on hand if needed. While Tea Tree is the most effective against deterring and killing lice there are other oils that work too.   I have one daughter that cannot stand the smell the Tea Tree oil.  For her I will occasionally give her a reprieve and use one of the following instead:  Lavender, Rosemary, Geranium or Peppermint.
  • Shampoo/Conditioner:  Use a shampoo that contains one or more of the essential oils listed above.  For example, Avalon Organics makes a wonderful peppermint shampoo and conditioner.  This is what we use in our house.  You can also buy a fragrance-free shampoo and add 10 – 20 drops of essential oil to the bottle and shake well.
  • Get the comb.  A must have is a special lice comb.  Be sure to get one with metal teeth, not plastic.  Not only will the metal hold up better but it also does a better job of combing out the lice, nymphs and nits should any appear.

Treatment:  If you end up finding lice on yourself or on your child, first and foremost, don’t panic.  It happens and it can be dealt with.  There are many over-the-counter products that can be used but many contain pesticides that can be dangerous for you and your family.  You don’t need pesticides to treat a lice infestation.  It can be treated just as well naturally.  In addition, we are now seeing lice that are becoming pesticide-resistant because of the overuse of some of these products. 

  1. Olive Oil and Tea Tree:  Mix together 1/4 cup olive oil and 15 – 20 drops Tea Tree oil.  Starting with a dry head of hair and one small section of hair at a time, beginning at the root, start applying the olive oil.  Use a lice comb to brush through the hair.  Make sure the olive oil mixture covers all the hair, from root to tip.  Keep working in sections until the whole head and all hair is covered.  Look for lice, nymphs and nits as you go.  Be sure and wipe them free of the comb as you find them.  Tie hair up (if long) and put on a shower cap or wrap head in plastic wrap.  Let the oil sit for at least two hours or overnight.   After at least two hours, shampoo and condition using a shampoo like what is listed above.  Comb through hair again with the lice comb.
  2. Laundry:  Wash all bed linens, clothes, hats, scarves, coats and towels in hot water that have been used or worn by the infested person.  Run through a high-heat dry cycle in the dryer.
  3. Vacuum:  Vacuum all the carpets, couches, pillows, car seats and anything else that cannot be washed.  It is not necessary to use an insecticidal spray.  Vacuuming is sufficient.  If you’d feel better using a spray, see #5.
  4. Homeopathy:  There are Homeopathic remedies that can help support the above lice treatments.  Staphysagria is the main remedy for lice.  Using a low potency (6C, 12C or 30C), take the remedy 3 times a day for 7 days.  Nux Vomica is another remedy I’ve seen used with success in those  with lice and it can be taken the same as Staphysagria.  The most important thing to remember with Homeopathy is to match the remedy with the person.  Lice is a parasite and parasites tend to move toward the weaker immune systems.  Pick a remedy that will constitutionally strengthen the immune system for the person infected.  Consult a professional Homeopath if you need assistance in doing this.
  5. Tea Tree Spray:  Using the distilled water and essential oil spray listed above, spray hair every morning before heading out for the day and every evening before bed to help prevent reinfestation and to kill any lice that may have been missed during the olive oil treatment.  I also use this spray on car seats, couches and pillows.  Since lice and nymphs can only live off of a human host for 24-48 hours I don’t know that it does much for the lice problem but it certainly makes everything smell fresh and is definitely better than using an insecticidal spray.
  6. Olive Oil and Tea Tree again:  Lice eggs or nits, hatch within 7 – 10 days and are the easiest things to miss when combing through the hair.  Because of this, it is important to repeat the olive oil and tea tree treatment after 7 – 10 days.
  7. Comb, Comb, Comb:  Hair should be combed, using the lice comb, every day.  My daughter came home with lice about 2 months ago and even though we stopped the infestation in its tracts, using the above methods, I still comb through her hair every day after school.  When it comes to lice, you can never be too careful and the combing just takes a few minutes.

The above protocol has proven very effective for my family and for others I have consulted.  While lice is no fun, it is manageable and can be taken care of quickly and naturally!


Fear and Anxiety

With Halloween just around the corner it seems fitting to cover some remedies that deal with fear and anxiety.  When it comes to emotional well-being Homeopathy is a wonderful ally to have on your side.  It’s gentle, effective and does not produce the potentially dangerous  side effects that prescription medications do.  Listed below are some of the top remedies for fear and anxiety.

Aconitum Napellus:  This remedy is one of the first choices for panic disorders.  It includes panic attacks, especially when they come on in the evening or for those who wake up with fright 1 – 2 hours after going to sleep.  One who needs this remedy may also have a tremendous fear of death.  It is also a main remedy for someone who has great anxiety after an accident, such as a car accident.  There may also be a great anxiety for others, restlessness, fear of being in a crowded place and claustrophobia.

Agaracus:  This remedy contains an extreme fear of cancer and great anxiety about health.  Insignificant health issues are exaggerated causing great fear and anxiety.

Agnus Castus:  Like agaracus, this remedy focuses on great anxiety about one’s health but, in addition, when a person who needs this remedy gets sick they will feel that death is imminent.  There is a great fear of death.

Argentum Nitricum:  This remedy includes many fears and will generally be needed for someone who is also very impulsive by nature.  Fears include, claustrophobia, heights, bridges, diseases, accidents, fainting, driving, elevators, theaters, airplanes and the fear of being late.  There is anxiety about health and anxiety increases when alone.  A person needing this remedy generally feels better with company.  There is also an anxiety while anticipating an upcoming event.

Arsenicum Album:  This is another prominent remedy for panic attacks.  Panic attacks that will point you to this remedy generally happen after midnight or between midnight and 2am.  There is tremendous anxiety that often occurs with great restlessness.  There is anxiety about health and a despair about recovery when ill.  Also present may be a great anxiety about other family members or close friends because these people provide the person who needs this remedy with their security base.  Someone who requires this remedy will generally be proper, tense, worried and desire to be in control at all times.  Other fears include disease, especially cancer, germs, robbers, poverty, evil, vomiting and insanity.

Borax:  This remedy is marked by an extreme fear of downward motion.  This is so extreme that if it’s an infant the infant may scream when it’s being put down in it’s crib because of the downward motion.  There may be fear of escalators, descending stairs, elevators and even of rocking in a rocking chair because of the motion.

Bryonia:  Someone who may require this remedy has fears that center around the future, poverty and financial ruin.

Cannabis Indica:  This remedy is indicated when there is great anxiety and general fearfulness, which may include panic attacks.  There is a fear of insanity, which is usually expressed by a fear of losing control.  There also can be a fear that one will antidote their homeopathic remedy.

Kali Bromatum:  This remedy is indicated when the anxiety presents as more of a paranoia.  It can also be indicated when fear centers around religiosity.  One needing this remedy may feel as if they are singled-out for divine wrath and there may be a despair of salvation due to guilt.  Other fears may include the fear of insanity, being alone, fear of being poisoned and fear of being injured.  Night terrors may also be present.

Magnesia Carbonica:  This remedy centers around a general anxiety that is present during the day but is better in the evening once one is in bed.  Someone needing this remedy is a peacemaker.  They want to be sure everyone is getting along and is happy.  There is a fear of violence and confrontations.  There may be a great sensitivity to noise.

Magnesia Muriatic:  This remedy is similar to the above, however the anxiety in this remedy is worse while in bed and better during the day.  As in Magnesia Carbonica, this remedy is also indicated for someone who is a peacemaker and who does not like disagreements and confrontations.  Anxiety is generally worse while reading, in the evening and during menses.

Mancinella:  The Halloween remedy.  Someone who may require this remedy is afraid of the dark, ghosts, insanity, evil and devils.  They may be tormented by their extreme fear of the dark.

Nitricum Acidum:  This remedy is indicated for someone who has great anxiety about their health with a fear of cancer and death.  As many remedies have this indication, one who should veer toward this remedy is someone who is also very pessimistic in life.  There may be depression and anger toward life.  There is generally great irritability and peevishness.

Opium:  Homeopathic opium is indicated when there are complains from fright more than the fright itself.  This remedy is indicated when fright leads to convulsions, tremors or insomnia.  Every time the person needing this remedy thinks of the thing that frightened them the symptoms are triggered.

Phosphorus:  This remedy contains many fears and is indicated for people who are generally open, excitable gullible and suggestible.  Fears include being alone, death, the dark, thunderstorms, that something bad will happen, disease, the future, ghosts, insanity, robbers, insects, earthquakes and more.  Anxiety is raised when alone and is better for the person when they are in the company of others.

Silica:  This remedy is indicated for those who have a lack of self-confidence.  Fears center around performance, such as stage fright.  Anxiety arises over small details and from noise.  The anxiety feels paralyzing.  There is also a fear of pins, needles and other sharp objects.

Stramonium:  This remedy has many fears that will usually be accompanied by rage and anger if this remedy is needed.  There is fear of violent death.  Fear of the dark is so intense that one must sleep with the light on.  There also may be a fear of water, including submerging head in water, even in the shower.  Other fears include animals, dogs, mirrors, reflecting objects, disease, ghosts, injury, suffocation and claustrophobia.  Fright will stay with someone who needs this remedy for a long time, especially if it was a violent fright, such as a car accident.  Night terrors may also be present and may include waking up shrieking or screaming out in sleep.  There may also be violent behavior.

The remedies above are some of the main remedies for fear and anxiety.  In addition to homeopathy, things such as Reiki and meditation can have a positive effect and can help increase your chances of success.

**We do not diagnose or treat disease.  The information provided herein is for educational purposes only.  If you require a diagnoses or if your situation is emergent and life-threatening please consult a licensed medical doctor.


The Season of the Flu

As September gets under way we start hearing more and more about the up-and-coming flu season.  This year we seem to be hearing more about it than ever.  The pharmacies have their signs up “Free Flu Shots” or “Only $24.95 for the Flu Shot”, newspapers are printing speculative articles about what the flu season may bring this year, the CDC doing its usual push for vaccination and more and more hospitals across the country are making vaccination mandatory (with very few allowable exemptions) for their employees, dubbing it a patient safety issue, which is a complete farce.  While I understand and am used to the seeing the signs at pharmacies and the CDC is just doing what it’s there to do the mandatory vaccines for hospital employees leaves me a little unsettled, especially when I know there is a better way to fight the flu.  I also believe our health is our choice.  No one should be forced to get a flu shot or lose their job, no one.  But I will leave that rant for another time.

I’ve been researching this subject for over 12 years and, as I stated above, there are better ways to fight the flu than a vaccination.  There are ways that have no side effects (except maybe a healthier body and a stronger immune system).  There are ways that don’t put you at risk for diseases like Guillain-Barré, neurological disorders or auto-immune disorders later in life.

There are ways like these:

Lifestyle:  Eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, exercise and find a way that works for you to reduce stress.  Include a good multivitamin/mineral supplement in your daily routine.

Vitamin D:  It’s been studied that most Americans are deficient in Vitamin D.  It’s also been proven that Vitamin D can both help ward off sicknesses like the flu and help you recover from the flu.

Vitamin C:  Start taking it now!  Double up the dose if you get the flu.

Homeopathy:  During the 1918 flu (of which is claimed H1N1 was derived) there were Homeopathic hospitals in the US as well as conventional hospitals.  Homeopathic hospitals saw only a 1% mortality rate for the treatment of the flu.  The conventional hospitals, 30%.  While I was not there back in 1918 to personally witness this, I’ve seen what Homeopathy can do when it comes to the flu and that’s the only proof I really need.  It works.


Oscillococcinum:  Can be taken for the prevention of the flu or at the very first sign of getting sick.

Influenzinum:  Most Homeopathic pharmacies and some local health food stores carry this remedy.  It is the best remedy I’ve found to prevent the flu.

Aconite:  This is one of our favorite remedies.  It should be taken at the first sign of a flu.  It works when the onset is very sudden and should be taken within the first few hours of feeling sick, even if no clear symptoms are present.

Ferrum Phos:  This remedy can be thought of as a back up for Aconite.  If you miss taking Aconite within the first few hours of feeling ill, go to Ferrum Phos.

When you know you have the flu

Arsenicum:  There may be a fever with great chilliness.  Profuse and acrid discharge may present from the nose and/or eyes.  There may be some thirst but for small, frequent sips.  A person who needs this remedy will be worse from getting cold and will feel better with warmth (unless there is a headache present).  There may also be irritability and anxiousness.

Baptisia:  Someone who needs this remedy will have a sudden onset of symptoms.  There is generally a high fever with profuse sweating.  The body may feel sore and bruised either all over or in small spots around the body.  A person who requires this remedy may look dull and flushed and there is usually a great thirst.  Vomiting and diarrhea may be present but not always.

Bryonia:  This flu will present itself with a slow onset of symptoms.  A person who fits this remedy will be very hot and very dry, which may cause a great thirst for cold water in large quantities but at infrequent intervals.  The body will ache all over.  There may be a painful cough that causes a headache.  Someone who needs this remedy will not want to move and the headache or body aches will feel better with pressure.  In general this remedy will present for someone who wants to be left alone and wants to lay completely still.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum:  The fever for this remedy will present with the person shivering, who may have chills running up their back.  The body will ache so badly that the person feels as if their bones are broken.  There may be a bursting headache, so bad that even the eyeballs feel sore.  There is a thirst for cold drinks and a desire to lay as still as possible.

Gelsemium:  This is the number one flu remedy.  The onset of this flu is slow.  Fever will present with heat that alternates with chills.  There is usually no sweating with this fever and chills may run up and down the spine.  Body will ache all over.  Muscles may feel very heavy and weak, even the eye lids will feel heavy.  There is generally no thirst.  The three key words for this remedy are “droopy”, “drowsy” and “dull”.

Mercurius Solubilis:  The fever for this remedy will present with a ‘creeping chilliness’.  There may be acrid, smelly, yellow/green mucus discharge from the nose.  There may be an intense thirst and a constant hunger.  A person who needs this remedy will feel worse from temperature changes and feels better with a constant temperature and lots of rest. 

Nux Vomica:  Someone who requires this remedy will have a fever with chilliness and may get the shivers after drinking.  The limbs and back will ache.  There may be a stuffy, stopped up nose that is worse at night.  There is a thirst for hot drinks, such as tea.  A person needing this remedy will feel better with cold and worse with warmth.  This remedy is also indicated when there is a great irritability.

Pyrogen:  This fever will present with creeping chills and a ‘thumping heart’.  It may also present with a rapid heart rate if the fever is low.  There will be severe pain in the limbs and back.  The pain may feel as if the person has been beaten and bruised.  There is usually a headache present and no thirst.  Someone who requires this remedy will be very restless, both with the aching body and the chills.

Rhus Tox:  The fever for this remedy will present with chilliness.  The pain will be centered more around the joints and bones.  There may be a red discoloration at the tip of the tongue and there is a general thirst.  The person who needs this remedy will feel better with gentle motion and warmth and may be very restless.

After the flu

China:  This remedy is for those who have a difficult time recovering from the flu.  There is a great physical weakness and may be a lot of sweating.

Kali Phos:  Depression (mild) after the flu.

Gelsemium:  This remedy is indicated if the weakness and heaviness will not go away after the flu.

Influenzinum:  This remedy is for someone who has never felt well since having the flu.  There is a feeling that the person has never recovered.

The remedies listed above for the flu can be taken in 30C, which is the most common potency found at health food stores.  The frequency of the doses will depend on the severity of the symptoms but generally 2 – 3 times a day is sufficent.  If you have any questions on how to take a remedy or how often contact a Certified Homeopath or your Natural Health Provider.

This flu season, do what is right for you.  Whether it is a natural approach or a vaccination, the choice is still yours.  Make that choice an informed one.  Do your own research of the options that are out there, as that is the best way to make a decision that is best for you and your family.

And I have to add…for those of you who are against vaccines (or who get a vaccine but disagree with a mandate) and  who work at a hospital that is making the flu vaccine mandatory for employment this year (of which I am one of those people, but am not getting the vaccination) keep your chins up.  Work for your freedom of choice, employement and health.  Educate those who need it.  It’s a worthy cause.  Be well.  Stay healthy.

**We do not diagnose or treat disease.  The information provided herein is for educational purposes only.  If you require a diagnoses please consult a licensed medical doctor.

A Simple Shift of Thought

[tweetmeme]Have you ever had a bad day? Monday, for me, was one of those of days. I woke up in a foul mood, I found out my health insurance rates were going up, my brother was angry about a few things and was sending me not-so-pleasant text messages throughout the day and I lost my debt card. It was one of those days that was just one thing after the other. Nothing went smoothly.

That evening my partner called to say goodnight and asked an interesting question. He said, “how is it that your bad days are so much better than my bad days”? This is a great question!

It all has to do with a simple shift of thought.

What is it about a bad day that makes it “bad”. Using an example from my Monday, is it really a bad thing to lose your debt card? All it really meant for me, in my case, was a phone call to the bank and a nice conversation with the owner of the store I left it in when she found it the next day. Is that so bad? It all has to do with what I tell myself about what happened. I could tell myself that it’s aweful to have lost my debt card and that now I have to take time out of my busy day to call the bank, cancel my card and get a new one. It’s such a hassel!!! Or, I just tell myself that I need a new card, I had a nice conversation with the woman at the bank and a nice conversation with the owner of the store. No judgement – good or bad. It’s just what happened. If I struggle with what happened, if I struggle against reality, then I will suffer. If I accept it as what happened, with no judgement – good or bad – I don’t suffer. It’s as simple as that.

The same is true for when we find ourselves in a foul mood. That morning when I woke up and was feeling grumpy and aggitated I could have fought against that mood and told myself that “this mood is bad” and “I need to get rid of it as soon as possible” but I didn’t. Instead I observed my mood, noticed it was on the foul side and accepted it. In fact, I enjoyed it. I didn’t fight against it. I didn’t try and push it away. I enjoyed the energy as it was. Would I generally prefer to be in a happy mood, of course, but I am human. Emotions and moods are going to come and go. Why not enjoy them all instead of labeling certain emotions “good” and others “bad”. It felt good on Monday to allow myself to be in a bad mood. I didn’t fight it. I let it be, knowing it wouldn’t last and enjoying it while it was there. Had I tried to push my foul mood away it would have only made me suffer.

This is what my partner was noticing. I accepted the reality of my day and my mood as they were. I didn’t fight them and I didn’t expect anything to be different than it was. That is why my “bad” day looked better than any “bad” day he had ever had.

Next time you find yourself in a foul mood or having a “bad” day try a simple shift of thought and see how it turns out.


Ultimately, it’s how you view your moods and your day that makes the difference but if a shift in thought is not something for you (or even if it is) the Homeopath in me feels pulled to recommend a few remedies for irritability and aggitation. They will not, however, stop any of the day’s events – “good” or “bad”.

Chamomile – Irritability with anger.

Pulsatilla – Irritability with sadness and/or weeping. Changeable moods.

Nux Vomica – Irritability with impatience and intollerance of others.

Sepia – Irritability with a feeling of being overworked. May feel hopeless. Sarcastic.

Ignatia – Irritability from grief or loss. Mood swings.

Calc Phos – Irritability and mood swings caused by stress and the “pressures” of life. Fatigue.

Arnica Montana

[tweetmeme] Arnica is probably the best known remedy in Homeopathy.  It is often the first remedy we think of when there is injury or trauma, especially when there is bruising involved.  Below are some of the indications as to when Arnica can be useful.

  • Bruising – This remedy is helpful for just about any bruise.  It is also useful when a muscle simply “feels” bruised but there is no discoloration.
  • Everything feels too hard – It is a useful remedy after an injury or trauma when everything feels too hard, even the bed or pillow.
  • General aggravation from exertion – If your body is sore after anything from running a marathon to gardening this remedy may help.
  • Sprains – This is generally one of the first remedies to consider for a sprained ankle, wrist or knee.
  • Restless in bed – It is an excellent remedy after an injury when you cannot find a comfortable position in bed.
  • “I’m fine” – Arnica is also a wonderful remedy for someone who has been injured but continually insists they are fine and do not want to seek medical attention.
  • Dental extractions – This is a wonderful remedy to use following a dental procedure, either for pain or bleeding.
  • Concussion – Arnica is one of the main remedies for a concussion.  If a concussion occurs seek emergency medical attention, however Arnica is safe and effective to use while waiting for medical help.  There will be marked dizziness and pain.  The injured person may continually say there is nothing wrong with him/her.
  • Back strain – This remedy can be used for sprains and strains of the back when there is marked soreness.

Arnica can be found in oral-pellet form and as a cream.  For bruising and things of that nature both can be used.  When choosing Arnica in pellet form follow the directions on the bottle.

We do not diagnose or treat disease.  If you require a diagnosis contact a licensed medical physician.  This is for educational purposes only.  If your injury is life-threatening seek emergency medical care immediately.

The Skeptics

[tweetmeme] When blogging, writing, using or practicing Homeopathy it seems there almost always comes a time when one must address the skeptics.  Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years and has had it’s fair share of them.  Back in the early 1900’s there were 22 homeopathic medical schools, 100 homeopathic hospitals and over 1000 homeopathic pharmacies.  The decline of such institutions came around the 1920’s during the rise of the American Medical Association and, of course, the pharmaceutical companies.  Why these organizations chose to target homeopathy is merely speculation at this time but if you dive deep enough into the history much of it points to money.  As a homeopathic practitioner you will not become rich.  Why?  Because your patients actually get better.  As a pharmacy that produces homeopathic remedies, your stockholders will not become millionaires.  Why?  Because homeopathic remedies are inexpensive to produce/sell and the people you are selling them to will actually get better, meaning they will not have to take the selected remedy for the rest of their lives.  See a picture forming here?  Whatever the historical facts point to, the skeptic will tell you that the decline was brought about because homeopathy is ineffective.   I disagree and I usually find that the skeptic cannot explain why then, when the US was stricken with the Spanish Flu in 1918, the homeopathic hospitals had a fatality rate of only 1% while the conventional hospitals saw a fatality rate of nearly 30%.  That does not seem ineffective in the least.

Another argument of the skeptic is that homeopathy is nothing but a placebo effect, meaning it will work just because someone believes it will work.  My question to them then becomes, why then will it work just as effectively on babies and animals?  There is usually no relative answer.  I’ve watched, with my own eyes, babies stricken with eczema clear up in a matter of hours.  I’ve seen arthritic dogs find mobility.  I’ve witnessed my own children, sick with the flu or strep throat, fall asleep after a remedy only to awaken in the morning with no remnant of the illness.  I’ve watched my own dog become well from an ear infection.  I’ve watched a child have allergic reaction to nuts recover in less than 2 minutes with the properly chosen remedy.  The list is endless.  I know immediately that when someone mentions that it’s just a placebo effect that they have never tried homeopathy or have never used it correctly.  If they had, it would be impossible to refute.  Impossible.

Another argument constructed by the skeptic includes something along the lines of, “it has not been scientifically proven”.  Yes, it is true, we don’t know how or why homeopathy works on a scientific level.  But we do know that it’s been proven time and time again that like cures like (one of the main homeopathic principles).  We know that millions of people use homeopathy and have been cured with homeopathy.  For me, something that has been tested time and time again over the past 200 years is all the science I need.  All of this said, I tend to get the scientific argument only from those who treat science as their religion and there isn’t much you can say to sway them.  They are going to believe what they are going to believe no matter what anyone else has to say about it.  I personally tend to rely on my experiences, not on some test in a lab that is based on man-made equations and speculations.  I’ve seen it work and I’ve felt it work.  That’s all the “scientific” proof I need.  Not to mention that I do have a small speck of faith that, one day, science will catch up to us.

One last argument I hear is that modern or western medicine is more effective.  I will agree that when it comes to emergency medicine our western technology and ability to treat is outstanding.  Homeopathy cannot reset a broken bone, stop internal bleeding from a serious accident, relocate a shoulder or stitch a laceration, this is true (although it can support the healing that comes afterward).  Additionally, antibiotics and such do have a part to play in our health under certain conditions.  However, I also know that the latest statistics show that close to 750,000 people die each year due to modern medicine.  In contrast, there has not been one documented case of anyone dying from taking a homeopathic remedy.  Not one.  The skeptic may then turn to say that while no one has died as a direct result of taking a remedy, people have died from their disease due to using homeopathy instead of modern medicine.  Stating, in addition, that had the person used modern medicine instead of homeopathy they would have survived.  It’s a ridiculous argument really.  For one, there is absolutely no way we can know for sure if someone would have lived or died had they chosen a different healing modality.  Two, with modern medicine claiming so many lives who is to say that the person’s death would not have been brought about more quickly had they chose the route of modern medicine.  We cannot possibly know.  Whether someone chooses conventional/western/modern medicine, homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine or spirituality we should respect what they choose and not condemn them for it.  With 6 billion people on our planet we cannot possibly expect that everyone would or should choose the same path.

So to all of you skeptics out there, keep up the good work.  Your refutes keep us strong and on our toes.  We’ve heard these same arguments for over 200 years yet homeopathy is still around and continues to grow again in its use.  My only hope, although I don’t hold on to it too tightly, is that someday, we’ll evolve enough as to let go of this insane argument altogether.  As I stated above, with 6 billion people on the planet, we should embrace the differences in healing modalities and allow everyone their own path.  Every form of medicine has it’s place.

Healthy, Happy Babies

[tweetmeme]Homeopathic remedies are a wonderful choice for babies.  The remedies are safe, easy to use, non-toxic and do not produce any side effects.  Having a home remedy kit on hand can be a lifesaver, especially for those middle of the night ills or upsets.  If you are new to Homeopathy or even new to parenting I also recommend the book Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Your Babies First Year by Miranda Castro.

Below are a some of the remedies you may want to consider having on hand.

Arnica: This remedy can be invaluable for babies who are just learning to crawl or walk.  If bumps and bruises occur, Arnica is the first remedy to consider.

Belladonna: This remedy may be indicated if baby is angry and irritable.  When baby gets angry he/she may hit and become very red and hot in the face.  Anger or irritability may progress so that it is difficult to calm him/her down.  It is a main remedy for fevers that come on quickly and are intense but do not last long.  Pupils may be dilated.  Baby may get aggravated by motion.

Borax: This remedy has the interesting indication of “aversion to downward motion”.  This may show in your baby through crying or screaming whenever they are rocked or from the motion of you putting him/her down in the crib.  If your baby is asleep when you try to put her down in the crib he/she will wake up from that downward motion.  Babies needing this remedy may also seem to wake up screaming for no apparent reason.  It is also helpful for babies who are jumpy and nervous.  He or she may be easily startled by loud noises and/or sudden noises, even in sleep.  Another interesting indication for this remedy is that baby may cry before passing a stool and then will be happy afterward.

Calcarea Phosphorica: This is a wonderful remedy for babies or children who are simply worn out after having a growth spurt.  Baby may be irritable, sluggish and hard to please.  It also works well for babies who do not gain weight and are thin and pale.  In addition, this remedy can be considered if baby is miserable while teething and the teeth are slow to come in.  I have used this remedy for my daughter when she was 10 and her canines were not coming down.  Within a couple of weeks of taking this remedy twice daily in 6C potency her teeth emerged and saved us from a visit to the oral surgeon.

Chamomilla: A baby needing this remedy is restless, impatient and angry.  If there is something baby wants he/she wants it NOW and may then reject it once you give it to him/her, making him/her very hard to please.  In addition, your baby may want to be carried all the time, crying or screaming when you try to put him/her down.  If angry, baby may hit anyone who is carrying him/her.  This remedy is also wonderful for teething babies who cry out in pain and are very irritable.  You may also notice that baby will have diarrhea during teething.  One cheek may be red and the other pale.

Lycopodium: You may consider this remedy if your baby is irritable, serious and hard to live with.  Baby will know what he/she wants and will become angry if he/she doesn’t get it.  Baby may be especially irritable right after he/she wakes up, either in the morning and/or after a nap.  Baby may sleep well at night but may cry all day long.  There may be difficulty in digesting milk/food with a lot of gas.  Can be considered as a remedy for colic.

Pulsatilla: I have found this remedy to be invaluable for my own kids.  It is wonderful for babies who are clingy and whiny.  Baby wants to be carried all of the time and loves to be cuddled.  He/she may become anxious or irritable when separated from mom.  Babies needing this remedy will become even more clingy during teething and when sick.  During illness baby may cry and cry, especially when not being held.  If baby has a cold or runny nose with green/yellow mucus this is the remedy to consider.

Rheum: This is one of the main remedies for colic.  Baby will be irritable, difficult and restless.  There will be a lot of crying, especially at night, as baby will not want to go to sleep.  A baby needing this remedy doesn’t sleep much at all.  Stools may smell sour and he/she may look pale.

Rhus Tox: Normally this remedy is not considered one of the main baby remedies but I will mention it here because of the increase in babies I have seen who have childhood eczema.  If this is the case for your baby Rhus Tox can be a lifesaver.  Our daughter’s bout with this came up when she was about 6 months old.  It seemed to appear out of nowhere one day during a bath.  A few days and a couple of doses of Rhus Tox later she was back to having her baby-soft skin and the eczema never returned.  For older babies who are starting to eat solid food, fresh pineapple can also help and the kids love it!

Stramonium: This is a main remedy for babies who are easily frightened.  It may seem as if the birth was especially difficult for baby and as if he/she has not yet recovered from it.  Baby is clingy, restless and easily scared.  One or more of the following fears may become evident:  the dark, dogs, strangers and other animals.  It may also seem as if baby has nightmares, as he/she may wake up screaming.  At times it may also seem as if he/she is screaming in her sleep from a dream.

Most remedies come in pellet form.  Older babies do well with letting the pellets dissolve in their mouths, as they taste sweet.  For younger babies, dissolve a few pellets in a small cup of water.  Once dissolved, stir well and give a teaspoon of the water to your baby.   The potency that should be used is a 6C or 30C.  Most health food stores and remedy kits contain the 30C potency.  If the symptoms are severe and/or come on very rapidly you can give one teaspoon every half hour or hour until the symptoms subside.  If symptoms are mild then one teaspoon two to three times a day is sufficient.  Always stop giving a remedy once the symptoms have improved.  If the symptoms return, continue the remedy until they are again alleviated.  If you are giving a remedy and, after six doses, there is no improvement, consider another remedy or contact a Certified Homeopathic Practitioner for assistance.

Say Goodbye to PMS and Menstrual Woes

[tweetmeme]Many women suffer from varying degrees of PMS. Homeopathy can make a positive difference. Listed below are some of the more widely used remedies.

Ambra Grisea: This remedy is used when there is bleeding between periods. Bleeding may be worse from exertion or from passing a hard stool.

Belladonna: This remedy includes severe menstrual pain, that may feel like it’s pushing down. Blood may be red or very dark red with clots. Pain may be worse on the right side around ovaries. Pain usually comes on quickly and is quite intense. Mood may include great anger and/or a short temper.

Bovista: Someone requiring this remedy may find that their period only comes on at night or is worse at night and/or upon rising in the morning. Many times, those who need this remedy find that their period nearly stops during the day. It may also be that every time the menstrual cycle begins there is a bout of diarrhea. Mood may change quickly.

Calcarea Carbonica: For this remedy to be useful one’s period usually comes on too early and will last for a long time. Flow may be heavy. PMS may include anxiety, headache and sore breasts.

China Officinalis: This remedy is used when the flow is dark red and tremors come on with menses.

Cimicifuga: Pain that is worse the heavier the flow is may lead one to this remedy. There may be severe cramping. Periods are irregular and may be suppressed by stress and/or emotions. Mood may be quick to change. There may be intense gloominess, as if nothing will go right.

Cocculus: This remedy is for weakness during menses. It may also help when the period is heavy and is made worse by walking or standing.

Cyclamen: If menses are easily suppressed from getting wet or from exertion this remedy may be of assistance. There may also be severe labor-like pain during one’s period. Menses come too early, are profuse and may be black and clotted.

Kreosotum: Menses that cease on walking may lead you to use this remedy. PMS generally includes irritability, headache and nausea.

Lachesis: This remedy, when used for PMS, centers mostly around mood. There will be great irritability. Emotions may also include increased jealousy and depression. The PMS may include a migraine or a pulsating headache that is worse on the left side. Flushes of heat are also usually present.

Lilium Tigrinum: PMS in this remedy includes great irritability. The irritability with this remedy can be so severe that everyone around feels like they need to walk on egg shells. Depression may also be present. Physically there may be a feeling of bearing down during menses that is worse while standing. The sensation may be so bad that one needs to cross her legs.

Magnesia Carbonica: For this remedy to be indicated the menstrual flow will only happen at night and will stop during the day. Menses will come on too early (every 21 days). There may be heightened anxiety during menses.

Pulsatilla: This remedy is one of the most widely used for PMS and menstrual issues. For this remedy the menses are easily suppressed. Periods are generally very short and may be irregular. The flow may be heavy one day and light the next, changing every day. There may be a headache that occurs at the last hour of the menstrual flow. PMS may include weeping, forsaken feeling and/or changeable moods. There may be great sadness and/or depression.

Sepia: As with Pulsatilla, Sepia is one of the most widely used for PMS and menstrual issues. There is great aggravation before or during menses with this remedy. Mood turns sour with great irritability. The irritability is so bad that one is disturbed for even the smallest disturbance. One may also feel disconnected and indifferent to family members during this time. There also may be depression, weeping and mental weakness. Menses may be very light and too early.

Sulphur: PMS may include anxiety when this remedy is needed. This remedy is also indicated when there is a strong desire for sweets before the period begins.

Whether it’s the emotional or the physical side of PMS and/or menstrual issues that come every month, Homeopathy is a safe and effective method of relief.

But That Is Poisonous Isn’t It?

One of the common questions people have about Homeopathy has to do with the remedies that are made from substances that are poisonous in their original state.  Some examples of these remedies include mercury (Mercurius), deadly nightshade (Belladonna), foxglove (Digitalis) and Cobra venom (Naja).  In their original state all of them are poisonous yet all of them can be taken safely when taken Homeopathically.  How?  The answer is that there are no molecules of the original substance left in the Homeopathic remedy beyond the potency of 12C.  Remedies below a 12C have a few molecules in them, however they are so diluted that the molecules render no harm.

Here is how remedies in the C potency are created:

To produce a 1c potency of a remedy, for example, one drop of the mother tincture is added to 99 drops of an alcohol/water mixture and succussed (shaken by hitting the bottle on the palm of your hand from about 1 foot). To produce a 2c potency, one drop of the 1c mixture is added to 99 drops of an alcohol/water mixture and succussed. The number of a homeopathic remedy shows how many times it has been diluted and succussed, for example, a 30c has been diluted and succussed 30 times.

In general, most people use a potency higher than a 12C, 30C being the most commonly used potency for home prescribing and acute conditions.  Times when remedies are used in the lower potencies, such as 6c, are times when we are looking for more of an effect on tissue, such as teeth (cavity prevention), bones (osteoporosis), nails (strengthening) etc. Scheussler’s Tissue Salts are designed specifically for this use.

The next question that usually follows this is, “If there are no molecules left then how does Homeopathy work”?  This is the question that has eluded scientists for over 200 years and is one of the biggest weapons used against Homeopathy today.  The answer, however, is simple.  Even though the molecules are no longer present in higher potencies the “memory” of the molecules remain.  The energy of the remedy remains.  When we match the energy of a remedy to the overall energy of a person it results in rapid, gentle and lasting cure.  Sound unbelievable?  It may, but only to those who have never seen Homeopathy work wonders on everything from colds to depression.

Luckily, for the Homeopathic community, science is finally catching up with why and how Homeopathy works.  New studies are currently being completed that prove that water can retain a “memory” of substances that were once dissolved in it.  With these findings we will finally have scientific proof of something that Homeopaths have known for 200 years.  Homeopathy works.