The Season of the Flu

As September gets under way we start hearing more and more about the up-and-coming flu season.  This year we seem to be hearing more about it than ever.  The pharmacies have their signs up “Free Flu Shots” or “Only $24.95 for the Flu Shot”, newspapers are printing speculative articles about what the flu season may bring this year, the CDC doing its usual push for vaccination and more and more hospitals across the country are making vaccination mandatory (with very few allowable exemptions) for their employees, dubbing it a patient safety issue, which is a complete farce.  While I understand and am used to the seeing the signs at pharmacies and the CDC is just doing what it’s there to do the mandatory vaccines for hospital employees leaves me a little unsettled, especially when I know there is a better way to fight the flu.  I also believe our health is our choice.  No one should be forced to get a flu shot or lose their job, no one.  But I will leave that rant for another time.

I’ve been researching this subject for over 12 years and, as I stated above, there are better ways to fight the flu than a vaccination.  There are ways that have no side effects (except maybe a healthier body and a stronger immune system).  There are ways that don’t put you at risk for diseases like Guillain-Barré, neurological disorders or auto-immune disorders later in life.

There are ways like these:

Lifestyle:  Eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, exercise and find a way that works for you to reduce stress.  Include a good multivitamin/mineral supplement in your daily routine.

Vitamin D:  It’s been studied that most Americans are deficient in Vitamin D.  It’s also been proven that Vitamin D can both help ward off sicknesses like the flu and help you recover from the flu.

Vitamin C:  Start taking it now!  Double up the dose if you get the flu.

Homeopathy:  During the 1918 flu (of which is claimed H1N1 was derived) there were Homeopathic hospitals in the US as well as conventional hospitals.  Homeopathic hospitals saw only a 1% mortality rate for the treatment of the flu.  The conventional hospitals, 30%.  While I was not there back in 1918 to personally witness this, I’ve seen what Homeopathy can do when it comes to the flu and that’s the only proof I really need.  It works.


Oscillococcinum:  Can be taken for the prevention of the flu or at the very first sign of getting sick.

Influenzinum:  Most Homeopathic pharmacies and some local health food stores carry this remedy.  It is the best remedy I’ve found to prevent the flu.

Aconite:  This is one of our favorite remedies.  It should be taken at the first sign of a flu.  It works when the onset is very sudden and should be taken within the first few hours of feeling sick, even if no clear symptoms are present.

Ferrum Phos:  This remedy can be thought of as a back up for Aconite.  If you miss taking Aconite within the first few hours of feeling ill, go to Ferrum Phos.

When you know you have the flu

Arsenicum:  There may be a fever with great chilliness.  Profuse and acrid discharge may present from the nose and/or eyes.  There may be some thirst but for small, frequent sips.  A person who needs this remedy will be worse from getting cold and will feel better with warmth (unless there is a headache present).  There may also be irritability and anxiousness.

Baptisia:  Someone who needs this remedy will have a sudden onset of symptoms.  There is generally a high fever with profuse sweating.  The body may feel sore and bruised either all over or in small spots around the body.  A person who requires this remedy may look dull and flushed and there is usually a great thirst.  Vomiting and diarrhea may be present but not always.

Bryonia:  This flu will present itself with a slow onset of symptoms.  A person who fits this remedy will be very hot and very dry, which may cause a great thirst for cold water in large quantities but at infrequent intervals.  The body will ache all over.  There may be a painful cough that causes a headache.  Someone who needs this remedy will not want to move and the headache or body aches will feel better with pressure.  In general this remedy will present for someone who wants to be left alone and wants to lay completely still.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum:  The fever for this remedy will present with the person shivering, who may have chills running up their back.  The body will ache so badly that the person feels as if their bones are broken.  There may be a bursting headache, so bad that even the eyeballs feel sore.  There is a thirst for cold drinks and a desire to lay as still as possible.

Gelsemium:  This is the number one flu remedy.  The onset of this flu is slow.  Fever will present with heat that alternates with chills.  There is usually no sweating with this fever and chills may run up and down the spine.  Body will ache all over.  Muscles may feel very heavy and weak, even the eye lids will feel heavy.  There is generally no thirst.  The three key words for this remedy are “droopy”, “drowsy” and “dull”.

Mercurius Solubilis:  The fever for this remedy will present with a ‘creeping chilliness’.  There may be acrid, smelly, yellow/green mucus discharge from the nose.  There may be an intense thirst and a constant hunger.  A person who needs this remedy will feel worse from temperature changes and feels better with a constant temperature and lots of rest. 

Nux Vomica:  Someone who requires this remedy will have a fever with chilliness and may get the shivers after drinking.  The limbs and back will ache.  There may be a stuffy, stopped up nose that is worse at night.  There is a thirst for hot drinks, such as tea.  A person needing this remedy will feel better with cold and worse with warmth.  This remedy is also indicated when there is a great irritability.

Pyrogen:  This fever will present with creeping chills and a ‘thumping heart’.  It may also present with a rapid heart rate if the fever is low.  There will be severe pain in the limbs and back.  The pain may feel as if the person has been beaten and bruised.  There is usually a headache present and no thirst.  Someone who requires this remedy will be very restless, both with the aching body and the chills.

Rhus Tox:  The fever for this remedy will present with chilliness.  The pain will be centered more around the joints and bones.  There may be a red discoloration at the tip of the tongue and there is a general thirst.  The person who needs this remedy will feel better with gentle motion and warmth and may be very restless.

After the flu

China:  This remedy is for those who have a difficult time recovering from the flu.  There is a great physical weakness and may be a lot of sweating.

Kali Phos:  Depression (mild) after the flu.

Gelsemium:  This remedy is indicated if the weakness and heaviness will not go away after the flu.

Influenzinum:  This remedy is for someone who has never felt well since having the flu.  There is a feeling that the person has never recovered.

The remedies listed above for the flu can be taken in 30C, which is the most common potency found at health food stores.  The frequency of the doses will depend on the severity of the symptoms but generally 2 – 3 times a day is sufficent.  If you have any questions on how to take a remedy or how often contact a Certified Homeopath or your Natural Health Provider.

This flu season, do what is right for you.  Whether it is a natural approach or a vaccination, the choice is still yours.  Make that choice an informed one.  Do your own research of the options that are out there, as that is the best way to make a decision that is best for you and your family.

And I have to add…for those of you who are against vaccines (or who get a vaccine but disagree with a mandate) and  who work at a hospital that is making the flu vaccine mandatory for employment this year (of which I am one of those people, but am not getting the vaccination) keep your chins up.  Work for your freedom of choice, employement and health.  Educate those who need it.  It’s a worthy cause.  Be well.  Stay healthy.

**We do not diagnose or treat disease.  The information provided herein is for educational purposes only.  If you require a diagnoses please consult a licensed medical doctor.

Urinary Tract Infections and Other Urinary Issues

There are many people who have suffered from urinary tract infections and/or issues at least once in their lives.  For many the ailment can be a recurring event.  It is not always necessary to run straight to the antibiotics.  In fact, it is better for your immune system if it is given the chance to fight off the infection on its own.  Homeopathy is a wonderful and effective option for urinary tract infections.  Homeopathy works with your immune system to fight off the infection.  Below are the most common remedies for this affliction.

Aconite: This remedy is effective if taken at the very beginning stages of an infection.  If you do not catch the infection soon enough, however, this remedy will not work.

Apis: This remedy is indicated if there is scalding pain during urination.  There may also be some sediment in the urine.

Benzoic Acid: There will be an offensive odor to the urine if this remedy is indicated.  The urine will be very strong and concentrated.  It may also be brownish in color with some sediment.  Benzoic Acid is also of the main remedies for kidney stones.

Berberis: This is another kidney stone remedy.  There will be pain with the stones.  The pain will be sharp and will radiate outward or downward.  It is also a remedy that is indicated for cystitis that has cutting and burning pain.  The pain tends to extend to the urethra.  The pain and urge to urinate is worse with motion and walking.  The pain may also be worse after urination or when not urinating.  The pain is usually relieved somewhat during urination.

Borax: The pain, when Borax is needed, will be greatest when retaining urine.  If it is a child that has the infection he/she may scream out before urination in anticipation of the pain.

Cannabis Indica: This remedy is indicated if there is great burning pain only during urination.

Cannabis Stativa: If this remedy is needed there will be burning pain during or at the end of urination.  The pain is focused around the urethra and there may be discharge.

Cantharis: This is the most widely used remedy for urinary tract infections.  There will be great burning pain before urination that will intensify during urination.  Each drop of urine feels like scalding water.  There may be involuntary urination and/or dribbling after urination.

Chimaphila: Retention of urine will be present with this remedy.  Someone who needs this will need to press long before the urine flows.  This remedy is also indicated for an enlarged prostate.

Equisetum: This remedy is indicated when there is more urging to urinate when the bladder is nearly empty than there is when it is full.  There may be pain or fullness in the bladder even after urination.  There is frequent urging with a lot of urine.  The pain is generally worse at the end of urination.

Hydrophobinum: If there is an urge for urination every time one hears the sound of running water then this is a remedy to consider.  Pain is generally during urination.

Medorrhinum: This remedy is specifically for chronic cystitis that comes on after the start of a new sexual relationship.

Mercurius: If cystitis is present with a strong urge to urinate and the urge is not relieved by urination then consider this remedy.  The pain is burning in nature.

Nux Vomica: There will be a constant urge for small amounts of urine if this remedy is indicated.  There is pain upon retention of urine.  The pain will be better with heat and/or warm bathing.

Pareira: This remedy is indicated for the retention of urine with an enlarged prostate.  There will be painful urging, dribbling and/or involuntary urination.  There may be pain in the bladder that extends down the legs.

Pulsatilla: The pain with Pulsatilla will be at the end of urination and will be worse when trying to retain urine.  There may also be involuntary urination.

Sarsparilla: This remedy will always have pain at the end of urination.  The pain itself is usually burning in nature.  There is frequent urging and one may not be able to urinate without standing up.  There may also be red sediment in the urine.

Staphysagria: This remedy is specifically indicated when cystitis occurs after one’s very first experience with intercourse.  There may be frequent urging.

Terebinthina: The urine will contain blood if this remedy is indicated.  The urine may also be smokey colored and smell of violets.  There may also be burning pain around the kidneys.

In addition to the remedies listed above D-Mannose can be taken.  It works the same way as cranberry juice but comes in a powder and can be added to any non-citrus drink.  It will help to keep your urinary tract flushed out.

If you have a urinary tract infection and the symptoms do not improve within 48 hours see your Physician.  While it is good to avoid antibiotics whenever possible they do play their part if an infection fails to clear on its own.  If you are unsure of which remedy is indicated contact a Certified Homeopath for assistance.

We do not diagnose or treat disease.  The information provided herein is for educational purposes only.  If you require a diagnoses please consult a licensed medical doctor.


There are not many adults I know who haven’t, at one time or another, experienced heartburn.  Whether you suffer from chronic heartburn or just the occasional discomfort, Homeopathy works.  For those who only experience heartburn while pregnant, Homeopathy is  safe and will do no harm to mother or baby.  Below are a few remedies to consider.

Antimodium Crudum (Ant-C): This remedy is indicated when there is a lot of bloating and belching after a meal.  There may be some acid reflux that may taste sweet or of food.  There is usually a desire for acidic and/or vinegar-rich foods like pickles.  The pain is worse from eating bread, pastries, acids, sweets or pork.  One needing this remedy may notice that it is also worse after cold bathing and/or during hot weather.  Another good indicator of this remedy is if you feel irritable and are averse to being touched during the heartburn pain.

Arsenicum Album: This heartburn will present with great burning pain.  If indigestion is present it is made worse by cold food, acids and melons.  There is usually a desire to take frequent small sips of water.  This is also a wonderful remedy for heartburn that comes on after midnight.  Heartburn may be accompanied by anxiety, exhaustion and/or restlessness.

Bryonia: This remedy is used if the stomach is sore and tender to the touch.  Pain will be sharp and cutting and may feel better when legs are drawn up to the chest.  If there is reflux it will taste bitter or of food.  After eating a meal there may be pressure in the stomach as if there is a stone there.  There may be a thirst for cold water or strong coffee.  The pain will be worse from any movement of the body and better with rest and lying still.  This heartburn (or indigestion) may come on after anger and there is usually great irritability with the discomfort.

Carbo Veg: This heartburn generally runs through the whole digestive tract.  Along with the heartburn there will usually be nausea, bloating, sour reflux, flatulence and belching.  Any stomach pain may radiate to the spine and lower back.  Hunger is present but a feeling of fullness comes with just eating a small amount of food.  This heartburn will come on a half hour or so after eating and may be brought on by eating fats, butter, milk, rich foods, wine, coffee or beans.  The pain is worse while lying down and relief is felt after passing gas.  The pain itself is generally cramping with the need to bend over during a cramp.

Nux Vomica: This is the remedy for almost any symptom that is brought on by overindulgence.  If you have a night out for dinner and order all of your favorite foods, have a couple of glasses of wine and ultimately end up overdoing it then Nux Vomica is most likely your remedy.  Heartburn will usually come on a few hours after eating and may be accompanied by a stone-feeling in the stomach.  There is usually a putrid/bitter taste in the mouth.  There may be a feeling that you need to vomit or defecate but you can’t.  There is usually a craving for fats, spicy food, alcohol and stimulants even though those things are what bring on the heartburn.  The pain is made worse by tight clothing and may feel better with warmth (like wrapping up in a blanket or using a hot water bottle).  Lying down may also help the pain.

Pulsatilla: This remedy covers indigestion, heartburn, flatulence and abdominal heaviness.  The discomfort usually begins about one hour after a meal.  Instead of being irritable during the pain someone needing this remedy is more likely to weep.  The pain itself is usually cutting in nature and may change in location and intensity quite often.  Burps will taste sour, bitter or rancid.  The taste of food lasts for a long time.  There is no thirst.  The heartburn may come on or become worse from fats, rich foods, fruit or ice cream.

Robina: This remedy is indicated when gastric complaints come on with pronounced acidity and intense acrid belching.  It will be worse at night and from eating.  The pain will usually be burning in nature and may be accompanied by a frontal headache.   Diarrhea is likely to be present if this remedy is needed.  The desire to go to the bathroom is nearly constant but only gas is passed most of the time.  Cold sweat may develop.  The discomfort will be worse lying down and from eating fats, cabbage, raw fruit or ice cream.

You don’t need to suffer through another bout of heartburn.  Let the above descriptions be your guide to relief!

Spring Allergies

Spring allergy season is upon us but we do not need to let the sneezing, itchy eyes or runny nose get us down.  Homeopathy is an effective way to care for your allergies without the side effects of over the counter or prescription allergy medications.  Listed below are some of the most effective remedies for this allergy season.

Allium Cepa: This remedy is made from the red onion.  If you think about how your body reacts when you chop an onion you will see what symptoms this remedy can calm.  It is wonderful for allergies that produce extremely watery eyes and a runny nose.  The discharge from your nose may burn and cause redness on your upper lip.  Nose may seem to “run like a faucet” as the discharge is so watery and profuse.  It is especially effective for those who are allergic to flowers and pollen.  Symptoms may feel worse in a warm room and later in the day.  Relief may come from being in the open air.

Arsenicum Album: This remedy is used when the right side of the nose is stuffed up or running.  discharge from nose is watery and may burn your upper lip, causing redness.  Nose may be running but at the same time completely stuffed up.

Euphrasia: This remedy cares for eyes that burn and water profusely.  Eyes are very irritated and may be sensitive to light.  Watery discharge from nose may also be present.

Kali Bi: This remedy is wonderful for allergies where the root of the nose is sore.  Discharge is very thick, stringy and yellow.  Post nasal drip may be present.  You may feel the need to clear your throat often because of thick mucus of the post nasal drip. Sinus infections that result from allergies of this kind can also be helped by this remedy.

Nat Mur: This remedy is good for allergies when the discharge from the nose looks like the white of an egg.  Allergies may come on with much sneezing.  Watery eyes may also be present.  Those who need this remedy generally feel worse in the open air or out in the wind.

Nux Vomica: This remedy includes pronounced sneezing.  Allergies are worse in the morning when first getting out of bed.  Nose is stuffed up all night long and runs during the day.

Pulsatilla: This remedy is good for allergies that produce a yellowish-green discharge from the nose.  Sneezing is usually present.  Allergies feel worse when in a warm, stuffy room and in the evening.  Nose may run and be completely stuffed up at the same time.  Itchy eyes may also be present.

Sabadilla: This remedy is called for when sneezing is the predominant symptom.  If you sneeze 5 – 10 times in a row before relief then this is the remedy to take.  Tickling inside the nose is usually present along with very thin nasal discharge.

Enjoy the Spring!

Medical Procedures and Anxiety

Many of us have felt anxiety before a doctor’s appointment or dental visit and/or have had difficulty recovering from a procedure. Luckily, this is yet another area where Homeopathy can prove helpful. Here are a few remedies to consider for certain situations.

Aconite: This is a remedy to consider if you are afraid before a doctor visit or procedure. Take one dose of 30C before the visit and it should calm your fears. If you cannot sleep the night before the visit or procedure a dose of 30 C should help. If the anxiety returns in the morning another dose is safe to take.

Arnica: This remedy is used to help heal after surgery. It brings down bruising and swelling and can also prevent excessive bleeding. It is a great remedy for when the pain consists of a soreness and a bruised feeling. Dosing for this situation is generally 3 doses of 30C per day for 3 days. Stop taking the remedy as soon as the pain has subsided.

Gelsemium: If you are feeling jittery and anxious before a doctor visit or procedure this is a wonderful remedy. Just one dose of 30C should help calm your nerves.

Mag Phos: This remedy is specifically for menstrual cramps after a pap smear or other similar procedure. The cramping associated with this remedy will feel better with applied heat and/or hard pressure on the abdomen.

Millefolium: If there is bleeding after a procedure (especially a female procedure) then this is a remedy to consider. The blood may be bright red and come in gushes or a steady flow. 30C three times a day for one day should help.

Staphysagria: This remedy deals more with the emotions present after a procedure. Specifically it is used when feelings are hurt after surgery. It may feel as if the body has been assaulted. Anger against the doctors or anger after an unexpectedly painful procedure is also a keynote of this remedy. If any of the above are present then 30C three times a day for up to three days should help. Stop the remedy when things improve.

Calc Phos: This remedy is specific for mending broken bones.  If you experience a break you can take Calc Phos 6x daily (weekdays only – take Saturday and Sunday off) after the bone has been set and casted.  It will promote a quick healing time.

After a procedure or surgery, always follow the directions of your physician.  Homeopathy will not interfere, in any way, with your physician’s follow-up care.  Time and time again Homeopathy has proven to aid in both anticipatory anxiety and recovery.

Sore Throat

Winter is coming to an end, or so we hope, but colds and sore throats still linger.  Here are a few remedies to consider when that sore throat comes around.

Argentum Nitricum: This remedy is for splinter-like pain in the throat.  There may be hoarseness and/or loss of voice.

Baptisia: This sore throat will present with a dusky red inflammation that is remarkably pain-free.  It may be accompanied by stupor and/or mental confusion.

Baryta Carb: This is the remedy to think of when there is chronic inflammation of the tonsils.  There may be huge swelling that occludes the throat.  The cervical glands may be hard and swollen.  There will be difficulty in swallowing liquids and saliva.

Baryta Muriatica: As with Baryta Carb, this remedy is indicated when there is enlarged tonsils and cervical glands.  With this remedy however, the cervical glands may not be as hard and the swelling will be worse on the right side.  The pain will also be worse on the right side.  In addition there could be a lump sensation in the throat that prevents swallowing.  Throat pain is generally better by drinking cold drinks.

Belladonna: This remedy is used when there is acute suppurative tonsillitis that is worse on the right side.  The pain is worse from breathing.  There is generally no thirst.

Bromium: This remedy is indicated when there is left-sided tonsillitis with large stony-hard glands.

Cistus: Sore throats needing this remedy will include a burning pain in the throat that is worse during inhalation.  The throat will feel extremely dry and will there will be some temporary relief from drinking liquids and/or swallowing.

Hepar Sulph: This sore throat will present with stitching or splinter-like pain.  Tonsils may be swollen.  The sore throat itself may be the only symptom.

Lachesis: This remedy is indicated when there is left-sided throat pain or tonsillitis.  The pain is worse from swallowing liquids, especially warm drinks.  Sometimes cold drinks may give temporary relief.  The pain is better when swallowing solid food.  Upon swallowing the throat pain radiates to the ears.  There may also be present a choking sensation on swallowing.  The inside of the throat may have a deep red/purple color.

Mercurius: This sore throat will present itself with intense burning pain with a constant desire to swallow.  Swallowing, however, makes the pain worse.  The throat pain may even feel worse when the neck is touched externally.  The inside of the throat may exhibit typical strep throat color with redness and white spots around the tonsils.

Phytolacca: This remedy is indicated when there is marked pain and the throat is dark red in color.  The pain is usually worse on the right side and from warm drinks.  Cold drinks may help the pain temporarily.  This sore throat is also generally accompanied by a stiff neck.

Ear Infections

Ear infections have become something of an epidemic among young people these days.  Rarely do you hear of a child who hasn’t had one at some point or another.  Many deal with it on a recurring basis, which tends to lead to multiple rounds of antibiotics, tubes and antibiotic-resistant infections.  We have been relatively lucky in our household in that our kids have only had one or two ear infections during childhood.  Never have they had to take antibiotics.  If caught soon enough (within the first 24 hours) most ear infections can be cleared naturally.  Listed below are the Homeopathic remedies most used for ear infections along with a few other natural remedies.

Belladonna: This remedy is for an infection that comes on quickly with a fever.  The pain is usually worse at night and centers in the right ear.  The heat from the fever radiates from the forehead.  Hands and feet, despite the fever, may be cold.  There is usually irritability, restlessness and lethargy along with little or no thirst.

Aconite: This remedy is indicated when the infection comes on after being out in a cold wind.  The infection comes on quickly and may include a fever with intense sweating.  The pain is worse around midnight and the child may show signs of fear and anxiety.  The child will be thirsty.

Chamomilla: An ear infection needing this remedy will include intense pain.  The child may scream in pain.  There will be restlessness and irritability in that the child doesn’t know what he/she wants.  He/she may ask for a drink of water then will refuse it or at one point want to be carried but then decides he/she wants to be left alone.  One cheek may be red while the other is pale.  A normally content child may become angry due to the pain.   The pain is usually worse in the right ear.

Merc Sol: This remedy is indicated when there is a discharge coming from the ear.  There is usually a distinct alteration between fever and chills.  During times of fever there will be extreme sweating, which may be offensive in smell and is usually worse at night.  There is generally a great thirst.  This remedy is also good for chronic ear infections.

Pulsatilla: An ear infection indicating this remedy generally occurs in the left ear.  There may be yellow-green mucus running from the nose.  Children requiring this remedy usually become very clingy and whiny.  They want to be carried and cuddled.  There will be little appetite or thirst.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Food grade hydrogen peroxide is recommended.  Put a few drops into the ear.  Lay still for at least 10 minutes or until the “crackling” stops.  This will kill any bacteria and/or viruses that are inside the ear.

Garlic Oil: Most health food stores sell a garlic oil specially made for ear infections.  Follow the directions on the bottle.

Silver: Silver is an ant-bacterial and an anti-viral.  Take a few drops orally 3 – 6 times per day.

If the ear infection lasts for more than 48 hours with no improvement call your physician.  In most cases, if the infection is caught soon enough, the infection will clear within this time-frame.

Dental Issues

Most people, by the age of 35, have experienced some type of dental discomfort or difficulty.  While many dental issues may require the intervention of a dentist, there are many complaints that can be aided Homeopathically.

Listed below are the most commonly used Homeopathic remedies for toothaches, abscesses and miscellaneous dental issues:

Belladonna: This remedy is characterized by throbbing pain that is worse by moving the jaw, touch and chewing.  There will be redness around the affected area.  The onset of the pain will be rapid.  Tooth abscesses with these symptoms may be helped with this remedy.

Mag Phos: This tooth pain will be worse when cold food, drinks or a cold breath touch the affected area.  Warm drinks or food may make it feel better.  This remedy is also helpful in cases where there has been an injury to the jaw, including pain from a Novocain injection at the dentist.  The jaw may feel stiff and/or cramped.

Coffea: The tooth pain that requires this remedy is worse from heat and better when a piece of ice is held in the mouth.  Nervousness and anxiousness may accompany the pain.

Chamomilla: This tooth pain will be worse from warmth, even a warm room, but will not feel any better from cold.  The pain itself is intolerable and irritability is great.

Calendula: This remedy is generally used for cuts, scrapes and wounds.  In a tincture, swish around in your mouth several times a day to aid healing.  Do not swallow.  This can be used with other remedies.

Merc Sol: This pain will be very sensitive to hot, cold and chewing.  The pain is usually throbbing in nature and is worse at night, especially after midnight.

Myristica: This remedy is for swollen abscesses that are surrounded by numbness.  It is an especially helpful remedy for wisdom teeth, both before and after removal.

Silicea: This remedy is most useful when there is puss draining from an abscessed tooth.  It is also beneficial for most general tooth pain and chronic abscesses.   For chronic issues use 6X three times daily every weekday, take a break on the weekends.  This dosage is also good for hastening puss discharge.

Hepar Sulph: This remedy is the most beneficial when an abscess is caught at its beginning stages and there is great tooth sensitivity, especially to cold.  The gums may be sore and bleeding. Salivation may increase.  A potency of 6C or below three times a day will promote puss discharge if the abscess is already draining.  If the abscess is swollen but not draining use a higher potency (30C – 200C) three times a day.

Arnica: This remedy is good for use after a tooth injury or after getting a deep filling at the dentist.  It is also good for sore spots in general.  If there is bleeding from under a tooth or in the gum 30C every 10 minutes can help stop the bleeding.  This remedy is also beneficial for any apprehension that may be present before a dental visit.

Hypericum:  This remedy is specific for nerve pain or damage/injury.  It is a wonderful remedy for a broken tooth or a molar extraction that exposes a nerve.  The pain is worse from cold.  The pain will usually radiate along the nerve.  When the pain begins to subside follow this remedy with Arnica.

Staphysagria: This remedy will help heal dental incisions, extractions, and impacted wisdom teeth.  It can also help manage pain.

Tissue Salts: Tissue Salts are certain Homeopathic remedies that are used in a potency of 6X or 6C.  For cavity-ridden teeth and/or to strengthen teeth alternate between Silicea, Calc Flour and Calc Phos. On weekdays only, take one dose of Silicea 6X or C in the morning upon waking.  Take a dose of Calc Flour around lunchtime.  Take a dose of Calc Phos before bed.  Do not take any of the remedies during the weekend.

Calc Phos: This remedy can assist new teeth coming in.

Aconite: This remedy may help if you are afraid to go to the dentist.  Take a dose of 30C the night before your appointment.  If the fear is still present the next day take another dose before you go to the appointment.  In addition, if you are one that is prone to panic attacks when visiting your dentist this remedy may assist you.

Gelsemium: If you feel jittery and anxious before your dental visit a dose of Gelsemium my help you to relax.

Remedies with a touch of personal experience:

  • Our daughter’s canines were not descending and her orthodontist wanted her to visit an oral surgeon.  Instead, we began giving her Calc Phos 6X three times a day (on weekdays only) and within 3 months her canines came in.  There ended up being no need for the surgery.
  • While vacationing in Montana my husband began to get a terrible pain in the tooth that his dentist said needed to have a root canal.  He took 5 doses of Silicea 30C within a 1.5 hour period.  The pain subsided.  When we returned home and he returned to the dentist she informed him that there was no longer a need for the root canal.

While Homeopathy can be very effective with a wide array of dental issues it is still important to visit your dentist regularly for check ups.  If you are using Homeopathy for a dental issue, such as an abscess, and the issue does not clear up within 24 – 48 hours it is important to contact your dentist and/or physician for additional care.

Pink Eye

As a professional Homeopath for the past 5 years I have to admit, I have never had the opportunity to work with a case of pink eye first-hand until about a week ago.  My husband came down with it while at work one night.  It manifested with the typical symptoms of redness, burning and extreme irritation.  That morning I had him pick up the Homeopathic remedy Euphrasia Officinalis 6C and some Pink Eye Relief TM eye drops (containing Belladonna 6X, Euphrasia 6X and Hepar Sulphuris 12X) from the local health food store.  He was sure that he would have to take the next night off work because his eyes were so bad he couldn’t see.  However, by that night, after taking 3 doses of the Euphrasia and using the eye drops as needed, his eyes were no longer red and there was just some mild discomfort.  By the second day his eyes were completely clear.  No missed work.

We now have yet another first-hand experience of the effectiveness of Homeopathy.  Not only did the remedy allow us to forego a trip to the doctor’s office (with the associated cost) and unneeded antibiotics but it cleared up much more quickly with Homeopathy than it ever would have with the alternative.

We have another successful case to add to the books and I have another reason to love what I do.

Headache Relief

Head pain can be debilitating.  It can interrupt even the simplest of tasks in our daily lives.  Listed below are some of the main Homeopathic headache remedies.  While there are nearly 50 remedies at our disposal that contain indications for head pain, the ones listed below are the most commonly used and widely available.

Allium Cepa: This headache will be present during allergies and/or a runny nose.  It is generally worse while in a warm room and better outside in the fresh air.  Closing ones eyes aggravates this headache.  The pain itself may be thread-like and/or neuralgic.

Aloe: Headaches needing this remedy are usually better with cold applications and worse with warmth.  The headache will be accompanied by a severely congested head and may alternate with low blood pressure.

Apis: This headache will present with pains behind the left ear that extend to the left eye or temple.

Argentum Nitricum: This remedy is indicated when one has headaches that are very slow to come on and then suddenly disappear.  The pain improves when the head is bound up with a bandage and/or tight hat.

Arsenicum: Someone needing this remedy gets headaches at regular intervals, such as in daily, weekly or monthly cycles.  If the headaches are chronic they are better with heat and the pain is burning in nature.  If the headache is acute it will be better with cold, such as a cold compress.

Aurum: This headache will present with a boring pain at the inner angle of the right eye, especially at the root of the nose.  The pain is so intense that thoughts of suicide may be present just to relieve the pain.

Belladonna: This remedy is used for migraines that come on very quickly.  The pain begins in the occiput and radiates to the right temple or forehead and then settles around the right eye.  Head pain starts at 3pm or starts at 11am and ends at 3pm.  The symptoms surrounding this headache are typical migraine symptoms, worse light, noise, movement, sun, menses, heat, stooping and coughing.  Pain is better lying in the dark, with cold compress and pressure.  The pain itself is generally pounding or pulsating and may feel stabbing in nature.

Bryonia: This headache will be on the left side of the head, over the left eye or across the forehead.  The pain may eventually extend over the whole head.  The pain is worse with any motion, including motion of the eyes.  It may also be worse in the morning.  The pain is better with pressure, lying very still and closing eyes.

Cactus: This headache will present with severe congestion and a red face.  The pain is worse when fasting and better with food.  It is usually contained to the right side of the head.

Calc Phos: This remedy is for headaches in school-aged children whose pain originates in the cervical region.

Cimic: This head pain is usually accompanied by a very stiff neck and dullness of mind.  The pain may be at the very top of the head with great pressure pushing upwards.  Pain may also be in the eyes.

Coffea: Someone needing this remedy would have gotten the headache from loud noise, music or footsteps.  The pain may be as if a nail were being driven into the head.

Dulc: This head pain comes on from the suppression of sinusitis or facial eruptions.  It is worse during cold, damp weather or after a chill.  It is better with discharge of mucus from the nose.

Ferrum Phos: This remedy is for long continued headaches that last for 2 – 3 days.  The pain may be in one small spot around the left temple.  The pain is generally pulsating and better when lying down.

Gelsemium: This headache will come on slowly.  It may begin at the back of the neck and radiate to the forehead.   Head may feel very heavy.  The pain is better after urination and worse around 10am and after drinking wine.

Ipecac: This remedy is for migraines that present with severe nausea and vomiting.  Pain will radiate to the face, teeth and/or tongue.  Face will feel flushed and hot.

Iris: This remedy is another classic migraine remedy.  The pain is usually on the right side, centered in the temple or around the right eye.  Vision will be blurred before the headache comes on.  This remedy is also for those who only get headaches on the weekends.

Lachesis: This headache will present on the left side of the head.  The pain is usually pulsating or bursting in nature.  The pain is usually worse with heat and worse before menses.  Putting pressure on the head may ease some of the pain.

Natrum Ars: This remedy is for headaches that come on from smoke, such as from being in a smoky bar.

Natrum Muraticum: This is another migraine remedy.  The pain is worse from sun, light, reading, before menses and is better from lying in the dark, quiet, perspiration and cold applications.  The pain may be worse at 10am and feels like a hammer beating on the head.