Say Goodbye to PMS and Menstrual Woes

[tweetmeme]Many women suffer from varying degrees of PMS. Homeopathy can make a positive difference. Listed below are some of the more widely used remedies.

Ambra Grisea: This remedy is used when there is bleeding between periods. Bleeding may be worse from exertion or from passing a hard stool.

Belladonna: This remedy includes severe menstrual pain, that may feel like it’s pushing down. Blood may be red or very dark red with clots. Pain may be worse on the right side around ovaries. Pain usually comes on quickly and is quite intense. Mood may include great anger and/or a short temper.

Bovista: Someone requiring this remedy may find that their period only comes on at night or is worse at night and/or upon rising in the morning. Many times, those who need this remedy find that their period nearly stops during the day. It may also be that every time the menstrual cycle begins there is a bout of diarrhea. Mood may change quickly.

Calcarea Carbonica: For this remedy to be useful one’s period usually comes on too early and will last for a long time. Flow may be heavy. PMS may include anxiety, headache and sore breasts.

China Officinalis: This remedy is used when the flow is dark red and tremors come on with menses.

Cimicifuga: Pain that is worse the heavier the flow is may lead one to this remedy. There may be severe cramping. Periods are irregular and may be suppressed by stress and/or emotions. Mood may be quick to change. There may be intense gloominess, as if nothing will go right.

Cocculus: This remedy is for weakness during menses. It may also help when the period is heavy and is made worse by walking or standing.

Cyclamen: If menses are easily suppressed from getting wet or from exertion this remedy may be of assistance. There may also be severe labor-like pain during one’s period. Menses come too early, are profuse and may be black and clotted.

Kreosotum: Menses that cease on walking may lead you to use this remedy. PMS generally includes irritability, headache and nausea.

Lachesis: This remedy, when used for PMS, centers mostly around mood. There will be great irritability. Emotions may also include increased jealousy and depression. The PMS may include a migraine or a pulsating headache that is worse on the left side. Flushes of heat are also usually present.

Lilium Tigrinum: PMS in this remedy includes great irritability. The irritability with this remedy can be so severe that everyone around feels like they need to walk on egg shells. Depression may also be present. Physically there may be a feeling of bearing down during menses that is worse while standing. The sensation may be so bad that one needs to cross her legs.

Magnesia Carbonica: For this remedy to be indicated the menstrual flow will only happen at night and will stop during the day. Menses will come on too early (every 21 days). There may be heightened anxiety during menses.

Pulsatilla: This remedy is one of the most widely used for PMS and menstrual issues. For this remedy the menses are easily suppressed. Periods are generally very short and may be irregular. The flow may be heavy one day and light the next, changing every day. There may be a headache that occurs at the last hour of the menstrual flow. PMS may include weeping, forsaken feeling and/or changeable moods. There may be great sadness and/or depression.

Sepia: As with Pulsatilla, Sepia is one of the most widely used for PMS and menstrual issues. There is great aggravation before or during menses with this remedy. Mood turns sour with great irritability. The irritability is so bad that one is disturbed for even the smallest disturbance. One may also feel disconnected and indifferent to family members during this time. There also may be depression, weeping and mental weakness. Menses may be very light and too early.

Sulphur: PMS may include anxiety when this remedy is needed. This remedy is also indicated when there is a strong desire for sweets before the period begins.

Whether it’s the emotional or the physical side of PMS and/or menstrual issues that come every month, Homeopathy is a safe and effective method of relief.

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