Urinary Tract Infections and Other Urinary Issues

There are many people who have suffered from urinary tract infections and/or issues at least once in their lives.  For many the ailment can be a recurring event.  It is not always necessary to run straight to the antibiotics.  In fact, it is better for your immune system if it is given the chance to fight off the infection on its own.  Homeopathy is a wonderful and effective option for urinary tract infections.  Homeopathy works with your immune system to fight off the infection.  Below are the most common remedies for this affliction.

Aconite: This remedy is effective if taken at the very beginning stages of an infection.  If you do not catch the infection soon enough, however, this remedy will not work.

Apis: This remedy is indicated if there is scalding pain during urination.  There may also be some sediment in the urine.

Benzoic Acid: There will be an offensive odor to the urine if this remedy is indicated.  The urine will be very strong and concentrated.  It may also be brownish in color with some sediment.  Benzoic Acid is also of the main remedies for kidney stones.

Berberis: This is another kidney stone remedy.  There will be pain with the stones.  The pain will be sharp and will radiate outward or downward.  It is also a remedy that is indicated for cystitis that has cutting and burning pain.  The pain tends to extend to the urethra.  The pain and urge to urinate is worse with motion and walking.  The pain may also be worse after urination or when not urinating.  The pain is usually relieved somewhat during urination.

Borax: The pain, when Borax is needed, will be greatest when retaining urine.  If it is a child that has the infection he/she may scream out before urination in anticipation of the pain.

Cannabis Indica: This remedy is indicated if there is great burning pain only during urination.

Cannabis Stativa: If this remedy is needed there will be burning pain during or at the end of urination.  The pain is focused around the urethra and there may be discharge.

Cantharis: This is the most widely used remedy for urinary tract infections.  There will be great burning pain before urination that will intensify during urination.  Each drop of urine feels like scalding water.  There may be involuntary urination and/or dribbling after urination.

Chimaphila: Retention of urine will be present with this remedy.  Someone who needs this will need to press long before the urine flows.  This remedy is also indicated for an enlarged prostate.

Equisetum: This remedy is indicated when there is more urging to urinate when the bladder is nearly empty than there is when it is full.  There may be pain or fullness in the bladder even after urination.  There is frequent urging with a lot of urine.  The pain is generally worse at the end of urination.

Hydrophobinum: If there is an urge for urination every time one hears the sound of running water then this is a remedy to consider.  Pain is generally during urination.

Medorrhinum: This remedy is specifically for chronic cystitis that comes on after the start of a new sexual relationship.

Mercurius: If cystitis is present with a strong urge to urinate and the urge is not relieved by urination then consider this remedy.  The pain is burning in nature.

Nux Vomica: There will be a constant urge for small amounts of urine if this remedy is indicated.  There is pain upon retention of urine.  The pain will be better with heat and/or warm bathing.

Pareira: This remedy is indicated for the retention of urine with an enlarged prostate.  There will be painful urging, dribbling and/or involuntary urination.  There may be pain in the bladder that extends down the legs.

Pulsatilla: The pain with Pulsatilla will be at the end of urination and will be worse when trying to retain urine.  There may also be involuntary urination.

Sarsparilla: This remedy will always have pain at the end of urination.  The pain itself is usually burning in nature.  There is frequent urging and one may not be able to urinate without standing up.  There may also be red sediment in the urine.

Staphysagria: This remedy is specifically indicated when cystitis occurs after one’s very first experience with intercourse.  There may be frequent urging.

Terebinthina: The urine will contain blood if this remedy is indicated.  The urine may also be smokey colored and smell of violets.  There may also be burning pain around the kidneys.

In addition to the remedies listed above D-Mannose can be taken.  It works the same way as cranberry juice but comes in a powder and can be added to any non-citrus drink.  It will help to keep your urinary tract flushed out.

If you have a urinary tract infection and the symptoms do not improve within 48 hours see your Physician.  While it is good to avoid antibiotics whenever possible they do play their part if an infection fails to clear on its own.  If you are unsure of which remedy is indicated contact a Certified Homeopath for assistance.

We do not diagnose or treat disease.  The information provided herein is for educational purposes only.  If you require a diagnoses please consult a licensed medical doctor.

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