There are not many adults I know who haven’t, at one time or another, experienced heartburn.  Whether you suffer from chronic heartburn or just the occasional discomfort, Homeopathy works.  For those who only experience heartburn while pregnant, Homeopathy is  safe and will do no harm to mother or baby.  Below are a few remedies to consider.

Antimodium Crudum (Ant-C): This remedy is indicated when there is a lot of bloating and belching after a meal.  There may be some acid reflux that may taste sweet or of food.  There is usually a desire for acidic and/or vinegar-rich foods like pickles.  The pain is worse from eating bread, pastries, acids, sweets or pork.  One needing this remedy may notice that it is also worse after cold bathing and/or during hot weather.  Another good indicator of this remedy is if you feel irritable and are averse to being touched during the heartburn pain.

Arsenicum Album: This heartburn will present with great burning pain.  If indigestion is present it is made worse by cold food, acids and melons.  There is usually a desire to take frequent small sips of water.  This is also a wonderful remedy for heartburn that comes on after midnight.  Heartburn may be accompanied by anxiety, exhaustion and/or restlessness.

Bryonia: This remedy is used if the stomach is sore and tender to the touch.  Pain will be sharp and cutting and may feel better when legs are drawn up to the chest.  If there is reflux it will taste bitter or of food.  After eating a meal there may be pressure in the stomach as if there is a stone there.  There may be a thirst for cold water or strong coffee.  The pain will be worse from any movement of the body and better with rest and lying still.  This heartburn (or indigestion) may come on after anger and there is usually great irritability with the discomfort.

Carbo Veg: This heartburn generally runs through the whole digestive tract.  Along with the heartburn there will usually be nausea, bloating, sour reflux, flatulence and belching.  Any stomach pain may radiate to the spine and lower back.  Hunger is present but a feeling of fullness comes with just eating a small amount of food.  This heartburn will come on a half hour or so after eating and may be brought on by eating fats, butter, milk, rich foods, wine, coffee or beans.  The pain is worse while lying down and relief is felt after passing gas.  The pain itself is generally cramping with the need to bend over during a cramp.

Nux Vomica: This is the remedy for almost any symptom that is brought on by overindulgence.  If you have a night out for dinner and order all of your favorite foods, have a couple of glasses of wine and ultimately end up overdoing it then Nux Vomica is most likely your remedy.  Heartburn will usually come on a few hours after eating and may be accompanied by a stone-feeling in the stomach.  There is usually a putrid/bitter taste in the mouth.  There may be a feeling that you need to vomit or defecate but you can’t.  There is usually a craving for fats, spicy food, alcohol and stimulants even though those things are what bring on the heartburn.  The pain is made worse by tight clothing and may feel better with warmth (like wrapping up in a blanket or using a hot water bottle).  Lying down may also help the pain.

Pulsatilla: This remedy covers indigestion, heartburn, flatulence and abdominal heaviness.  The discomfort usually begins about one hour after a meal.  Instead of being irritable during the pain someone needing this remedy is more likely to weep.  The pain itself is usually cutting in nature and may change in location and intensity quite often.  Burps will taste sour, bitter or rancid.  The taste of food lasts for a long time.  There is no thirst.  The heartburn may come on or become worse from fats, rich foods, fruit or ice cream.

Robina: This remedy is indicated when gastric complaints come on with pronounced acidity and intense acrid belching.  It will be worse at night and from eating.  The pain will usually be burning in nature and may be accompanied by a frontal headache.   Diarrhea is likely to be present if this remedy is needed.  The desire to go to the bathroom is nearly constant but only gas is passed most of the time.  Cold sweat may develop.  The discomfort will be worse lying down and from eating fats, cabbage, raw fruit or ice cream.

You don’t need to suffer through another bout of heartburn.  Let the above descriptions be your guide to relief!

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