Anti-Homeopathy and a Little History

Homeopathy was founded over 200 years ago by a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann.  Ever since it’s introduction it has been met with obstruction from those in what is now widely referred to as “western medicine”.  In the early 1900’s there were 22 Homeopathic Medical Schools, 100 Homeopathic Hospitals, and over 1000 Homeopathic Pharmacies in the United States.  Universities such as Stanford had Homeopathic medical programs.  In the 1920’s there was a decline in the use of Homeopathy, in great part due to organizations such as the American Medical Association, which worked  diligently to suppress Homeopathy.   Although the use of Homeopathy began to decline in the US, other countries, such as France, Germany, India and England saw a steady increase in the use of Homeopathy and it is still widely used there and all over Europe today.

In the United States Homeopathy began making a comeback in the 1990’s and with it a resurgence of opposition.  Times have changed since the early 1900’s in that we now have enormous pharmaceutical companies and our medical world has become profit oriented.  There is a group called “Sense About Science”, currently located in the UK, who is spearheading a campaign against Homeopathy.  The managing director of this group formerly worked for a public relations firm that represents major pharmaceutical companies.  This is what we are up against.  I don’t doubt that the fight for Homeopathy back in the 1920’s was a difficult one but in our day and age the opponents play dirty, using false information and billion dollar pharmaceutical company backers to help them spread their treachery.

The interesting thing is, the group SAS, and others like them, can dispute Homeopathy all they want because all it takes to know how effective it can be is to try it.  It works, it’s inexpensive, it doesn’t harm the environment in it’s production or otherwise and it actually cures those who use it correctly, taking away the need for expensive prescription drugs that must be taken day after day and month after month.  Gee, I wonder why groups backed by Big Pharma want to see Homeopathy disappear?  I wonder.

So when I come across someone who opposes Homeopathy or someone who says it’s just the placebo effect I know immediately that they have either never tried it for themselves or they work for an organization whose motives are questionable.  Anyone who has utilized Homeopathy would know what an amazing medical art it is.

Below are a few links that are covering the group SAS (among others) and/or contain scientific data and information on the effectiveness of Homeopathy:

Anti-Homeopathy info:

Scientific Study and Information on Homeopathy:

4 thoughts on “Anti-Homeopathy and a Little History

  1. When you talk about homeopthic suppression it really has been going on a long time! Have you heard the story about how Constantine Hering became so involved in American homeopathy?

    In the early 1800s, he was the student assistant to a doctor who asked him to write a book disproving the legitimacy of Homeopathy. Hering jumped at the chance. He began studying the writings of Samuel Hahnemann and expanded his reasearch by conducting experiments and repeated provings.
    Hering had a change of heart when he received successful homeopathic treatment for an inflamed wound.
    After his personal experience of the efficacy of homeopathy, he became highly influential and is credited with bringing Homeopathy to America. His great contribution included the Direction of Cure (Healing).

    Your blog is important. You never know who will stumble upon this incredible modality in any circumstance and make a huge contribution to our field. 🙂

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