Medical Procedures and Anxiety

Many of us have felt anxiety before a doctor’s appointment or dental visit and/or have had difficulty recovering from a procedure. Luckily, this is yet another area where Homeopathy can prove helpful. Here are a few remedies to consider for certain situations.

Aconite: This is a remedy to consider if you are afraid before a doctor visit or procedure. Take one dose of 30C before the visit and it should calm your fears. If you cannot sleep the night before the visit or procedure a dose of 30 C should help. If the anxiety returns in the morning another dose is safe to take.

Arnica: This remedy is used to help heal after surgery. It brings down bruising and swelling and can also prevent excessive bleeding. It is a great remedy for when the pain consists of a soreness and a bruised feeling. Dosing for this situation is generally 3 doses of 30C per day for 3 days. Stop taking the remedy as soon as the pain has subsided.

Gelsemium: If you are feeling jittery and anxious before a doctor visit or procedure this is a wonderful remedy. Just one dose of 30C should help calm your nerves.

Mag Phos: This remedy is specifically for menstrual cramps after a pap smear or other similar procedure. The cramping associated with this remedy will feel better with applied heat and/or hard pressure on the abdomen.

Millefolium: If there is bleeding after a procedure (especially a female procedure) then this is a remedy to consider. The blood may be bright red and come in gushes or a steady flow. 30C three times a day for one day should help.

Staphysagria: This remedy deals more with the emotions present after a procedure. Specifically it is used when feelings are hurt after surgery. It may feel as if the body has been assaulted. Anger against the doctors or anger after an unexpectedly painful procedure is also a keynote of this remedy. If any of the above are present then 30C three times a day for up to three days should help. Stop the remedy when things improve.

Calc Phos: This remedy is specific for mending broken bones.  If you experience a break you can take Calc Phos 6x daily (weekdays only – take Saturday and Sunday off) after the bone has been set and casted.  It will promote a quick healing time.

After a procedure or surgery, always follow the directions of your physician.  Homeopathy will not interfere, in any way, with your physician’s follow-up care.  Time and time again Homeopathy has proven to aid in both anticipatory anxiety and recovery.

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