Ear Infections

Ear infections have become something of an epidemic among young people these days.  Rarely do you hear of a child who hasn’t had one at some point or another.  Many deal with it on a recurring basis, which tends to lead to multiple rounds of antibiotics, tubes and antibiotic-resistant infections.  We have been relatively lucky in our household in that our kids have only had one or two ear infections during childhood.  Never have they had to take antibiotics.  If caught soon enough (within the first 24 hours) most ear infections can be cleared naturally.  Listed below are the Homeopathic remedies most used for ear infections along with a few other natural remedies.

Belladonna: This remedy is for an infection that comes on quickly with a fever.  The pain is usually worse at night and centers in the right ear.  The heat from the fever radiates from the forehead.  Hands and feet, despite the fever, may be cold.  There is usually irritability, restlessness and lethargy along with little or no thirst.

Aconite: This remedy is indicated when the infection comes on after being out in a cold wind.  The infection comes on quickly and may include a fever with intense sweating.  The pain is worse around midnight and the child may show signs of fear and anxiety.  The child will be thirsty.

Chamomilla: An ear infection needing this remedy will include intense pain.  The child may scream in pain.  There will be restlessness and irritability in that the child doesn’t know what he/she wants.  He/she may ask for a drink of water then will refuse it or at one point want to be carried but then decides he/she wants to be left alone.  One cheek may be red while the other is pale.  A normally content child may become angry due to the pain.   The pain is usually worse in the right ear.

Merc Sol: This remedy is indicated when there is a discharge coming from the ear.  There is usually a distinct alteration between fever and chills.  During times of fever there will be extreme sweating, which may be offensive in smell and is usually worse at night.  There is generally a great thirst.  This remedy is also good for chronic ear infections.

Pulsatilla: An ear infection indicating this remedy generally occurs in the left ear.  There may be yellow-green mucus running from the nose.  Children requiring this remedy usually become very clingy and whiny.  They want to be carried and cuddled.  There will be little appetite or thirst.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Food grade hydrogen peroxide is recommended.  Put a few drops into the ear.  Lay still for at least 10 minutes or until the “crackling” stops.  This will kill any bacteria and/or viruses that are inside the ear.

Garlic Oil: Most health food stores sell a garlic oil specially made for ear infections.  Follow the directions on the bottle.

Silver: Silver is an ant-bacterial and an anti-viral.  Take a few drops orally 3 – 6 times per day.

If the ear infection lasts for more than 48 hours with no improvement call your physician.  In most cases, if the infection is caught soon enough, the infection will clear within this time-frame.

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