Dental Issues

Most people, by the age of 35, have experienced some type of dental discomfort or difficulty.  While many dental issues may require the intervention of a dentist, there are many complaints that can be aided Homeopathically.

Listed below are the most commonly used Homeopathic remedies for toothaches, abscesses and miscellaneous dental issues:

Belladonna: This remedy is characterized by throbbing pain that is worse by moving the jaw, touch and chewing.  There will be redness around the affected area.  The onset of the pain will be rapid.  Tooth abscesses with these symptoms may be helped with this remedy.

Mag Phos: This tooth pain will be worse when cold food, drinks or a cold breath touch the affected area.  Warm drinks or food may make it feel better.  This remedy is also helpful in cases where there has been an injury to the jaw, including pain from a Novocain injection at the dentist.  The jaw may feel stiff and/or cramped.

Coffea: The tooth pain that requires this remedy is worse from heat and better when a piece of ice is held in the mouth.  Nervousness and anxiousness may accompany the pain.

Chamomilla: This tooth pain will be worse from warmth, even a warm room, but will not feel any better from cold.  The pain itself is intolerable and irritability is great.

Calendula: This remedy is generally used for cuts, scrapes and wounds.  In a tincture, swish around in your mouth several times a day to aid healing.  Do not swallow.  This can be used with other remedies.

Merc Sol: This pain will be very sensitive to hot, cold and chewing.  The pain is usually throbbing in nature and is worse at night, especially after midnight.

Myristica: This remedy is for swollen abscesses that are surrounded by numbness.  It is an especially helpful remedy for wisdom teeth, both before and after removal.

Silicea: This remedy is most useful when there is puss draining from an abscessed tooth.  It is also beneficial for most general tooth pain and chronic abscesses.   For chronic issues use 6X three times daily every weekday, take a break on the weekends.  This dosage is also good for hastening puss discharge.

Hepar Sulph: This remedy is the most beneficial when an abscess is caught at its beginning stages and there is great tooth sensitivity, especially to cold.  The gums may be sore and bleeding. Salivation may increase.  A potency of 6C or below three times a day will promote puss discharge if the abscess is already draining.  If the abscess is swollen but not draining use a higher potency (30C – 200C) three times a day.

Arnica: This remedy is good for use after a tooth injury or after getting a deep filling at the dentist.  It is also good for sore spots in general.  If there is bleeding from under a tooth or in the gum 30C every 10 minutes can help stop the bleeding.  This remedy is also beneficial for any apprehension that may be present before a dental visit.

Hypericum:  This remedy is specific for nerve pain or damage/injury.  It is a wonderful remedy for a broken tooth or a molar extraction that exposes a nerve.  The pain is worse from cold.  The pain will usually radiate along the nerve.  When the pain begins to subside follow this remedy with Arnica.

Staphysagria: This remedy will help heal dental incisions, extractions, and impacted wisdom teeth.  It can also help manage pain.

Tissue Salts: Tissue Salts are certain Homeopathic remedies that are used in a potency of 6X or 6C.  For cavity-ridden teeth and/or to strengthen teeth alternate between Silicea, Calc Flour and Calc Phos. On weekdays only, take one dose of Silicea 6X or C in the morning upon waking.  Take a dose of Calc Flour around lunchtime.  Take a dose of Calc Phos before bed.  Do not take any of the remedies during the weekend.

Calc Phos: This remedy can assist new teeth coming in.

Aconite: This remedy may help if you are afraid to go to the dentist.  Take a dose of 30C the night before your appointment.  If the fear is still present the next day take another dose before you go to the appointment.  In addition, if you are one that is prone to panic attacks when visiting your dentist this remedy may assist you.

Gelsemium: If you feel jittery and anxious before your dental visit a dose of Gelsemium my help you to relax.

Remedies with a touch of personal experience:

  • Our daughter’s canines were not descending and her orthodontist wanted her to visit an oral surgeon.  Instead, we began giving her Calc Phos 6X three times a day (on weekdays only) and within 3 months her canines came in.  There ended up being no need for the surgery.
  • While vacationing in Montana my husband began to get a terrible pain in the tooth that his dentist said needed to have a root canal.  He took 5 doses of Silicea 30C within a 1.5 hour period.  The pain subsided.  When we returned home and he returned to the dentist she informed him that there was no longer a need for the root canal.

While Homeopathy can be very effective with a wide array of dental issues it is still important to visit your dentist regularly for check ups.  If you are using Homeopathy for a dental issue, such as an abscess, and the issue does not clear up within 24 – 48 hours it is important to contact your dentist and/or physician for additional care.

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