Headache Relief

Head pain can be debilitating.  It can interrupt even the simplest of tasks in our daily lives.  Listed below are some of the main Homeopathic headache remedies.  While there are nearly 50 remedies at our disposal that contain indications for head pain, the ones listed below are the most commonly used and widely available.

Allium Cepa: This headache will be present during allergies and/or a runny nose.  It is generally worse while in a warm room and better outside in the fresh air.  Closing ones eyes aggravates this headache.  The pain itself may be thread-like and/or neuralgic.

Aloe: Headaches needing this remedy are usually better with cold applications and worse with warmth.  The headache will be accompanied by a severely congested head and may alternate with low blood pressure.

Apis: This headache will present with pains behind the left ear that extend to the left eye or temple.

Argentum Nitricum: This remedy is indicated when one has headaches that are very slow to come on and then suddenly disappear.  The pain improves when the head is bound up with a bandage and/or tight hat.

Arsenicum: Someone needing this remedy gets headaches at regular intervals, such as in daily, weekly or monthly cycles.  If the headaches are chronic they are better with heat and the pain is burning in nature.  If the headache is acute it will be better with cold, such as a cold compress.

Aurum: This headache will present with a boring pain at the inner angle of the right eye, especially at the root of the nose.  The pain is so intense that thoughts of suicide may be present just to relieve the pain.

Belladonna: This remedy is used for migraines that come on very quickly.  The pain begins in the occiput and radiates to the right temple or forehead and then settles around the right eye.  Head pain starts at 3pm or starts at 11am and ends at 3pm.  The symptoms surrounding this headache are typical migraine symptoms, worse light, noise, movement, sun, menses, heat, stooping and coughing.  Pain is better lying in the dark, with cold compress and pressure.  The pain itself is generally pounding or pulsating and may feel stabbing in nature.

Bryonia: This headache will be on the left side of the head, over the left eye or across the forehead.  The pain may eventually extend over the whole head.  The pain is worse with any motion, including motion of the eyes.  It may also be worse in the morning.  The pain is better with pressure, lying very still and closing eyes.

Cactus: This headache will present with severe congestion and a red face.  The pain is worse when fasting and better with food.  It is usually contained to the right side of the head.

Calc Phos: This remedy is for headaches in school-aged children whose pain originates in the cervical region.

Cimic: This head pain is usually accompanied by a very stiff neck and dullness of mind.  The pain may be at the very top of the head with great pressure pushing upwards.  Pain may also be in the eyes.

Coffea: Someone needing this remedy would have gotten the headache from loud noise, music or footsteps.  The pain may be as if a nail were being driven into the head.

Dulc: This head pain comes on from the suppression of sinusitis or facial eruptions.  It is worse during cold, damp weather or after a chill.  It is better with discharge of mucus from the nose.

Ferrum Phos: This remedy is for long continued headaches that last for 2 – 3 days.  The pain may be in one small spot around the left temple.  The pain is generally pulsating and better when lying down.

Gelsemium: This headache will come on slowly.  It may begin at the back of the neck and radiate to the forehead.   Head may feel very heavy.  The pain is better after urination and worse around 10am and after drinking wine.

Ipecac: This remedy is for migraines that present with severe nausea and vomiting.  Pain will radiate to the face, teeth and/or tongue.  Face will feel flushed and hot.

Iris: This remedy is another classic migraine remedy.  The pain is usually on the right side, centered in the temple or around the right eye.  Vision will be blurred before the headache comes on.  This remedy is also for those who only get headaches on the weekends.

Lachesis: This headache will present on the left side of the head.  The pain is usually pulsating or bursting in nature.  The pain is usually worse with heat and worse before menses.  Putting pressure on the head may ease some of the pain.

Natrum Ars: This remedy is for headaches that come on from smoke, such as from being in a smoky bar.

Natrum Muraticum: This is another migraine remedy.  The pain is worse from sun, light, reading, before menses and is better from lying in the dark, quiet, perspiration and cold applications.  The pain may be worse at 10am and feels like a hammer beating on the head.

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