A Case of the Blues

Many of us have had days where it feels as if a dark cloud is following us around and if you live in Northern Michigan this may be as much literal as figurative.  We have many more cloudy days than sunny this time of year.  That alone can be enough to occasionally drag us down.  Homeopathy is a safe and effective way to deal with bouts of acute depression.  It can safely help to lift us out of those occasional funks.  Following are a few remedies to consider.  If you suffer from chronic depression and/or have thoughts of suicide it is important for you to consult your physician and/or a professional Homeopath.

Aurum Met: This remedy is for those who suffer from depression after a business failure or personal loss.  There may be feelings of guilt, betrayal and/or worthlessness.  Everything seems sad and dark, as if a black cloud covers everything.

Causticum: This remedy is used for those who feel depressed after the loss of a friend or family member.  There is a feeling of overall negativity and gloominess.  The glass is half empty.  Also present may be a feeling of anxious foreboding and/or a tendency to cry easily over small things.

Gelsemium: This remedy is indicated for someone who is paralyzed with grief/depression.  There is a dull, drowsy and sluggish feeling both mentally and physically.  Someone who could benefit from this remedy may find it difficult to cry or may be “all cried out” and exhausted.  This is also a remedy for someone who becomes acutely depressed after being sick, especially with the flu.

Ignatia: This remedy is for acute depression that can come on due to a shocking or sudden loss of a friend or family member.  A person who could benefit from this remedy will attempt to hide the depression from others by taking deep breaths, sighing often and/or “swallowing” their grief.  There may be a lump sensation in the throat.

Kali Phos: This acute depression presents with nervous exhaustion.  The exhaustion may be present due to over-excitement, mental strain or after an acute illness such as the flu.  The lack of concentration is so great that work becomes impossible.  Confidence may dwindle because of this.

Lachesis: This remedy is indicated when the acute depression comes on due to suppressed emotions, especially suppressed jealousy, or during an emotional and physically stressful transition period.  Those needing lachesis almost always feel better when they fully express their feelings.  The sadness may be worse first thing in the morning and improve during the day.

Nat. Mur: This “silent depression” may come on after a loss, disappointment or betrayal.  Those who could be helped by this remedy hide their sadness, depression, resentment and/or bitterness from others.  Crying may be prevalent but those who benefit from this remedy do not want any consolation and will get irritated with anyone who tries to comfort them.

Nat Sulph: This acute depression comes on after a head injury.  A feeling of melancholy may be present and the person just wants to be left alone.  (As with all serious conditions, always consult a physician or go to the emergency room for all serious head injuries)

Pulsatilla: This remedy is indicated when there is a great feeling of loneliness.  Those that may be helped by this remedy will cry easily, especially when talking to someone about what is upsetting them.  A good cry is something that improves the sadness, as does consolation and sympathy from others.  This remedy is also wonderful for those who feel sadness and depression before the onset of menses.

Sepia: This remedy presents with a “worn out” feeling.  There is sadness with great irritability.  Crying helps to lift the sadness as long as crying is done while alone.  There is also a great indifference to everything.  Things that formerly provided pleasure are now looked at indifferently, including partners, children, work and hobbies.  This is for someone who stops caring about everything that once made them happy.

Zinc: This remedy is indicated when the acute depression is accompanied by nervous exhaustion, usually from mental strain and/or a long stressful period.  There is a loss of concentration and a desire not to talk to anyone.  The lack of concentration may be so great that the person may forget what they were going to say in the middle of a sentence.

In addition to the above remedies it’s good to remember that acute cases of the blues will pass.  Be easy on yourself and allow yourself go through it.  Tomorrow is a new day and we hope, especially here in Northern Michigan, that it will be a brighter & sunnier day than today.

If your depression does not lift in a few days, you have chronic depression, or have suicidal thoughts it is important to consult your physician and/or a professional Homeopath.  The above remedies are suggested for acute bouts of depression only and do not substitute for a diagnosis.  If you require a diagnosis visit your physician.

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