It’s Going Around

Here in Northern Michigan we currently have quite a cold going around.  It starts with a headache, runny nose and sore throat, with much post nasal drainage.   In most cases it ends with a cough that can last for weeks.   Here are some remedies we’ve had  success with during this time.

Aconitum Napellus: As with most colds, this remedy will help stop the cold in its tracks, shorten the length or weaken the symptoms if taken soon enough.  This remedy must be taken at the very beginning stages (within 24 hours) in order to be effective.

Argentum Nitricum: This remedy includes a congestive headache, splinter-like pains in the throat and possible hoarseness.  Those who need this remedy are generally very warm blooded and worse from heat.

Hepar: This remedy is indicated when the throat pain is stitching or splinter-like.  Tonsils may be swollen.  Inner ears may feel sensitive and/or painful especially in the wind or open air.  Those who require this remedy are generally very cold and cannot get warm enough.  This can also be an appropriate remedy for coughs that are worse in the wind or open air and worse at night.

Lachesis: The throat pain is generally located on the left side of the throat when lachesis is indicated.  The pain may radiate to the ears on swallowing.  There may also be a choking sensation on swallowing.  The pain generally feels worse when swallowing liquids but feels better when swollowing food.  A left-sided headache may also be present.   Those who need this remedy are generally warm with an aggravation from heat.

Mercurius: This remedy is good for throat pain that is intense and burning in nature with a constant disposition to swallow.  The pain is worse on swallowing.  Generally, symptoms will be worse at night and can be aggravated by either heat or cold.

Phosphorus: We’ve had success with the remedy during the later stages of the cold when the cough becomes the main symptom.  This remedy includes coughs that linger and tickle.  The cough is generally worse in cold air.  It is also worse with exertion, talking and laughing.  A change in temperature or the weather can also make this cough worse.  Lying flat or on your left side may make this cough worse, while sitting up and/or lying on your right side will not induce a fit of coughing.

Bryonia: This is another remedy that has proved successful in the later stages of this cold when the cough becomes the main symptom.  A Bryonia cough is a dry, hard and painful cough.  You may cough so hard that you feel the need to hold your chest and cannot seem to cough deeply enough.  The cough is generally worse from eating, motion and entering a warm room.  The cough may cause stitching pain in your chest.

Coccus Cacti: This cough comes in fits.  You may not cough for a long while and then a tickling and irritation will come in the throat or chest and cause you to have a coughing fit that can last for many minutes without relief.  It is usually a dry cough that can cause you to feel as if you might choke.  If there is expectoration it will be thick and ropy.

There are hundreds of homeopathic remedies that can assist in recovering from a cold.  The above are simply the ones we’ve had success with during this current spread.  If you get a cold and it does not fit into the above remedies you can contact us for another possibility.  This cold is one that quickly moves from one set of symptoms to another.  With Homeopathy it is important to remember to match the remedy to your symptoms.  You may need different remedies at different stages of the cold.  If you think you have developed an infection, such as Bronchitis or Pneumonia it is important to contact your physician.

Other things that can help you recover include, vitamin C, vitamin D, colloidal silver, the reduced use of refined sugar, plenty of fruits and vegetables and lots of rest.  A strong immune system is your best defence against getting sick.

Enjoy the fall, stay healthy and be well.

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