Flu Remedies

There is a lot of talk about the flu this year, both the usual strains and H1N1 or ‘Swine Flu’.  The vaccine manufactures are getting their vaccines ready and yes, those vaccines will contain mercury and other harmful substances.  There is a safer and more effective way to battle the flu.  Along with a healthy diet, eating less white sugar, herbal remedies like Echinacea and good hygiene, Homeopathy is very successful.  Following are the main Homeopathic flu remedies:

Gelsemium:  This is the number one Homeopathic flu remedy.  When we had the H1N1 strain come through our house in June this remedy shortened the duration of the virus to less than 24 hours.  With Gelsemium the symptoms generally come on slowly.  There will be body aches all over and you may feel heavy and very weak.  Fever may be high, alternating with chills.  You may have a headache that makes your eyeballs sore.  There is generally no thirst.  The main symptoms of this remedy are the overall soreness of muscles, aches and extreme sleepiness.

Baptisia: This remedy usually has symptoms that come on suddenly.  There will be a high fever with a lot of sweat.  You will feel sore/bruised all over.  Face may look dull or be red.  There is usually an intense thirst and you may also have gastric symptoms such as vomiting and/or diarrhea.

Bryonia: The symptoms for Bryonia come on slowly.  You will have a fever that is very hot and dry.  You may ache all over and the aches feel worse whenever you move.  The aches may feel better when you press on them or massage them.  You may be thirsty for large amounts of water.  This is also a wonderful remedy for the flu when it ends in a cough.  The cough is generally painful and may cause a headache.  When the cough comes on you just want to lay still and be left alone.  Bryonia is the “bear” remedy.  When sick, you want to be left alone in your “cave” with no one bothering you.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum: With this remedy the fever will be accompanied by shivering and/or chills that run up your back.  The aches will be so severe that it feels like your bones are broken.  You may also have a headache that makes your eyes sore.  There is usually a thirst for cold drinks and you may feel better when lying very still.

Nux Vomica: This remedy will include a fever with chills and/or shivering, especially after drinking.  The aches will be mostly in your limbs and down your spine.  Your nose may be stuffed up at night.  You may have a thirst for hot drinks and want to be kept very warm.  Gastric symptoms may also be present and there is usually a general overall irritability.

Pyrogen: This remedy can include both a fever or a low temperature.  Creeping chills, thumping heart and/or rapid heart rate can also be present.  Aches will be centered around the limbs and back.  You may feel as if you’ve been beaten or bruised.  A headache can be present and may feel as if your head is going to burst.  There is usually no thirst and a very intense restlessness, so much so that you cannot get comfortable in any position and cannot sit still despite feeling sick.

Oscillococcinum: This remedy is generally used as a preventative remedy.  When the flu is going around our house those of us who haven’t gotten it yet will start taking this remedy.  It works to both prevent the flu or to shorten the length of the flu if one does catch it.

Aconite: This remedy should only be used at the very beginning stages of getting the flu (or any common cold).  If you can catch it within the first hour or two from feeling sick or like you are coming down with something this remedy should stop the sickness in it’s tracks or shorten the length of the illness.  The key with this remedy is taking it soon enough.

China: This remedy is used after the flu.  If you have had the flu, feel better, but are still very tired and weak this is a good remedy to help bring you back on your feet.

Kali Phosphoricum: Some people feel depressed and down after an illness.  If you are one of those people this remedy can help pull you back up.

Gelsemium: Once again, this is the number one flu remedy.  If you are feeling very weak and heavy after the flu and this weakness and heaviness will just not go away this is the remedy to take.

Influenzinum: This remedy can be used as a preventative to the flu, just like Oscillococcinum, but is also used for those people who feel as if they have never recovered from the flu.  If you feel that you just cannot get back to your normal self this is the remedy to try.  If you choose this remedy check to be sure it’s made from the most current flu strain available.  Many Homeopathic pharmacies will create a new Influenzinum remedy every year.

Be well and stay healthy during this flu season.  If you choose to be vaccinated please do your research.  Many times the adverse effects of the vaccine are far worse than catching the flu.  The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to make a fully informed decision.

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