Insomnia has touched many of us, whether it’s due to stress, worry, health issues, caring for a loved one, third shift work or numerous other causes.  Homeopathy is a safe and effective way to get the sleep you need with no threat of dependence.  Following are a few remedies that are used for insomnia.

Arsenicum Album: This is a good remedy when insomnia occurs due to anxiety.  It generally includes agitation and restlessness.  Someone requiring this remedy can generally fall asleep okay but will wake up around midnight and not be able to get back to sleep.

Calc Carb: This remedy is used when you can’t sleep due to being overwhelmed with all of the details in life.  Perhaps you are in a time when you have a lot going on and cannot ‘turn off’ to fall asleep.  It is also a good remedy for those who are overworked and feel burdened by the responsibility of  work or family.

Cocculous: This is the ‘caretaker’ remedy.  If you are up at all hours of the night caring for a child or another person this is the remedy to try.  It is good for those who are very, very tired but cannot let go enough to fall asleep.  It is also a wonderful jet lag remedy and is recommended for those that work the night shift.

Coffea: This remedy is made from coffee so you can probably imagine it’s indications.  It is for those that feel nervous, restless, agitated and sleepless due to mental activity and/or excitement.  It is also indicated for those that fall asleep fine but wake up at 3am and cannot go back to sleep.  This is a wonderful remedy for children who cannot settle down to sleep.  It works especially well when the child is excited for an event coming the next day, such as Christmas or a trip to a friend’s house etc.

Gelsemium: This remedy is for insomnia due to anticipation of an upcoming event.  If you have something such as a test, a big presentation or a doctor’s appointment you are nervous about the next day this remedy will help you get to sleep.  With this remedy the body is generally still and tired but you feel awake on the inside.

Ignatia: This remedy is used when there is loss of sleep due to losing a loved one or someone close to you.  It is an effective grief remedy.  There is also generally a lot of sighing and yawning associated with this remedy.

Nux Vomica: This is the remedy for those that cannot sleep because they cannot stop thinking about the things they need to get done.  There is generally irritability and impatience.  It is also good for those that are light sleepers; those who wake up from the slightest noise.  It is also indicated for those who wake up at 3am and cannot fall back asleep.  In addition, it is the main remedy for insomnia due to alcohol use.

Theridion: This is the remedy that is used when the above remedies fail to act.  It is for extreme insomnia that is long lasting and is accompanied by extreme exhaustion.

You can get the sleep you need!

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