Sports Injuries

Biking, hiking, running, softball, swimming…all part of the endless list of summer activities.  With these can come pulled muscles, sore joints and minor injuries.  Homeopathy is a very effective way to take care of these ailments without having to take aspirin after aspirin.  Here are a few remedies that are good to have around!

Arnica – This is an overall good remedy for any minor injury.  It brings down swelling and prevents bruising.  In addition it is known to speed healing.  It helps bruises to heal and will assist with sore muscles that hurt to touch.  Arnica also comes in cream form.

Bellis Perennis – This is a wonderful remedy for sore muscles and bruising with deep, intense pain.  This is the remedy to use if Arnica does not help.

Bryonia – This remedy is good for injured joints that feel worse with motion and feel better when wrapped with a tight bandage.  Pains are usually stitching and hot.  A good remedy for Bursitis.

Hypericum – Injuries to nerves are helped by this remedy.  There may be numbness, tingling, sharp or shooting pain.

Rhus Tox – With this remedy joints are stiff and sore in the morning.  They hurt most when you start to get moving for the day but start to feel better the more you move around.  Massage and warmth help the pain and anything cold makes the pain worse.  Pain may be affected by wet, rainy weather.

Ruta – This remedy works on joint pain that is better with a little movement but if you move around too much your joints hurt more.  It is great for ligament and tendon injuries.

Phytolacca – Ankle injuries are helped with this remedy.

Calc Carb and Calc Phos – These remedies can help speed healing if a bone is broken.  They are also known to strengthen already healthy bones and prevent re-injury.

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