Chicken Pox

Remember the days when our parents and grandparents actually wanted us to get the chicken pox?  The first case of the season would prompt visits from the local children so that they would be exposed.  I remember the chicken pox going around when I was in second grade.  Everyone got them.  Due to the wide use of vaccines this is no longer the case and that is unfortunate.  We now see a distinct rise in cases of shingles in part because older adults, who had chicken pox as children, are not being re-exposed by their children and grand children.

Despite the vaccines, however, there are still a few cases of chicken pox popping up across the region and there is a healthier way to deal with those pesky, itchy spots…naturally.  The main remedy for chicken pox is Rhus Tox.  It can be taken internally with Homeopathic pellets and applied topically in cream form.  If the ‘pox’ progress and begin to release a honey-like discharge and a fever is present then Antimonium Crudum can be used.

As with the chicken pox, Rhus Tox is also one of the main remedies for shingles.  However, due to the potential for compications and severe pain during shingles it is always a good idea to consult your physician and/or a Certified Homeopath for assistance.

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