Splinters – Silicea

The snow melts, the weather warms and we head outside to work and play.  For anyone who has kids you know that splinters can be an inevitable part of summertime work and play.   If you find that you or a member of your family has a stubborn splinter that refuses to be reached with a needle or the tweezers, try some Silicea.  Homeopathic Silicea works as a natural foreign body expelling agent.  Take a few pellets after the splinter is found and before bed and work on the splinter in the morning.  My kids love it, as it prevents the pain of using the needle and tweezers to remove every splinter, especially those pesky hard to reach ones.

Another great use for Silicea is in removing porcupine quills from the dog.  Last summer our dog got into a mess with a porcupine.  We took him to the vet to have the quills removed but a day or two later we realized she missed a few and they were completely under his skin.  I couldn’t get to them.  Instead of putting him through the trauma of heading back to the vet we gave him 3 doses of Silicea.  By the next morning the 3 quills that were missed at the vet had expelled themselves enough that I could get them out effortlessly and with minimal pain to him.

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